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Recruitment is a passion!

Ramadan Kareem from this part of the world! Recruitment is a commitment, a passion, a process, a profession and not everyones cup of tea.

Do you believe in collecting, God Bless you for happiness? Talking about spiritual case instead of the professional side but dont you think its all connected?

I have been recruiting the senior positions for the past 11 years. I have recruited General Managers, FB Directors, Chief Engineers, Area General Managers, Project Managers, Chief Engineers, and Executive Housekeepers, Spa Managers, Executive Chefs, and many more Senior Executives in Asian and African Islands as well as in the Middle East. I have received remarks from clients and candidates about being professional and all but it was recently when we took up a big recruitment project that involved Senior and Line level positions.

This was the first time ever I was calling, emailing, and following up with waiters, waitresses, and hostesses. I had never done this before; to me, it always felt like a lot of headaches. Senior positions are much more concrete and there is a high level of professionalism, they are more prone to constant email responses. While the line-level candidates were a bit difficult to handle as they would be busy in their jobs and wouldnt attend their calls. They wouldnt be able to commit to interviews on the mentioned date and so on.

But as I had committed to the client, I had to do it and glad I did. There were a few people on visit visas who had left their home country. One of them mentioned, she doesnt want to go back as its like hell where she lives. She had a good experience and all she wanted is to come out of the place to work in a better company and environment. Another guy on visit cried when he heard he was selected.

It took 1-2 months of following up back and forth with the candidates and clients. People called me at 10 pm and 5:30 am, it was crazy. But once they joined each and everyone sent me messages, saying Thank you and God Bless You. It gives me immense pleasure that I was able to help someone by getting them a good job and the most important thing, they are happy. I cannot thank God enough to have given me this opportunity. I hope and wish, I would be able to continue doing this and can earn more God Bless you.

No matter what profession you are in, receiving more and more God bless you messages can boost your motivation.

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