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Inside the historic QE2, first floatel in the region #stillmakinghistory

Everyone in Dubai is talking about the astounding QE2, lets take you inside the first FLOATEL, floating hotel of Dubai and the Middle East region. So, what makes it astonishing, and why the entire media in Dubai is anxious about the opening? Queen Elizabeth 2 is the historical Icon purchased by Dubai Government 8 years ago. The earlier plan was to allocate a place for her at the man-made island of Dubai, Palm Jumeirah. But the plans changed and the steel lady is now sitting as a permanent floating hotel at the shores of Port Rashid Jumeirah and it wont be sailing anymore. Port Rashid was earlier a part of Bur Dubai but now Jumeirah road extends to Cruise Terminal-1, calling the forever home of Queen Elizabeth-2 ship hotel. She is back from getting all dolled up at Drydocks 2 weeks ago and now opened for the public on Queen Elizabeths birthday on April 18.

Built-in 1965, Queen Elizabeth-2 holds the biggest history of time, every finest artist and performer has performed on the ship. Queen Elizabeth and all top stars you can name it has been on the ship. The designs and interiors are from 60, the 70s; it was the fastest cruise liner in the world when it was sailing. She was confirmed into Military vessels in the 70s. The ship has also played a big role in World War-2 and carried passengers from Europe to Africa. The lady has extensively explored the oceans and gulfs of the entire world before retiring in Dubai in 2008. It also holds a memoir for all those employees who worked on the ship. The kitchen once catered to more than 5000 people, the bakery could make the bread for the entire Dubai.

She has got the cinema, casino, theatre and much more. QE2 has seen the most glamorous events in the history. Apart from the rooms, the area will is being developed as the entertainment destination for shopping, arcades, theatre, FB for day trips and night trips. The whole area will be developed like Marina. Once ready it will be the most popular Iconic destination in Dubai, with people flocking in and around Dubai and the entire world. Dubai has built the biggest, the largest and QE2 will be another fantastic landmark in the city. We are grateful to have an opportunity to work together as the recruitment partners for QE2. It was very enticing to visit the QE2 from inside; we literally went inside with helmets and masks and experienced how the history is being repeated once again. The frames on the walls, furniture, and few showpieces have been restored to preserve the history of the vessel. The best part is the basement bar where guests could sneak out when they needed privacy.

Here is the look of the newly renovated glorious lady of time, Queen Elizabeth-2, the shopping arcade is run by Dubai Duty-Free on board. The main attractions are The Queen Grill Restaurant, The Chartroom bar, The Crystal Bar, Mauretania Restaurant, The Hull structure in heritage museum, The Grand Lounge, The Queens grill bar, The Casino on board, Golden Lion Bar and The Midship Lobby.

Dubai skyline is vastly seen from the decks from QE2, the rooms have been refurbished and made bigger for the comfort of the guests. The casino on site could be a major attraction if the government can allow it in the future. Residents and reporters have been curious to know what is exactly happening there. Until the launch, the project was kept highly confidential but I have been noticing people gathering outside the ship with their cameras and looking for that perfect shot. Were very excited that QE2 will be hosting the 4thAnnual Hozpitality Excellence Awards this November.

The hotel has 13 decks maintaining the glory of this historic landmark. Whilst extensively preserving her authentic elements, she has been fully equipped with all the latest technology. Adjacent to the hotel lobby is the QE2 Exhibition an interactive museum that showcases the QE2 during the 60s when she was a pioneer in design, technology, and lifestyle words often used to describe the city she resides in today.

From small but beautifully designed cabin style Standard Rooms starting at 17m to the 76m Royal Suites belonging to the Queen herself the QE2 will offer a selection of 13 room and suite categories for Passengers to experience.

The gem in the crown of the QE2 is the two Royal Suites named after the Queens mother and grandmother. These suites offer a private veranda, conservatory, and dining room in addition to a luxurious bedroom. Highly personalized amenities are included for Passengers who can book the suite by invitation only. The hotels signature restaurant is The Queens Grill which offers a refined selection of British fine-dining dishes as well as a tasting menu that recreates a classic selection of dishes from 1969.

The staff we recruited at QE2 is amazed by the work culture and environment at QE2, it has taken innumerable sleepless nights to work on this major Iconic project. The management has done an excellent job in creating wonderful opportunities and to recreate this masterpiece and we stand as a witness of its glory. Here is a loud cheer to everyone at QE2! Thanks for making us a part of this wonderful journey!