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Gulfood- 2018


Gulfood is getting bigger and better with every year passing by. We remember when we first visited it 10 years ago, it was just a small exhibition. But it has grown tremendously in last few years. The crowd, the people, the exhibitors, everything, everywhere. There were new smart registration counters. This is the thing with events, you learn and grow every year.

We wanted to attend the first day of Gulfood and looked for parking for more than an hour and had to return back to the office. Today, we decided rather take a taxi than driving to the event. It was way easier, the better way of attending any event at DWTC is now either by taxi or Metro.

Gulfood is a food trade exhibition, which happens every year around this time of the year at the World Trade Center, Dubai. The event is attended by food suppliers from the Middle East and even from Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. Gulfood catalog is also looking bigger every year with more trade participants from the food industry. It has become one of the biggest trade shows in the region.

We at Hozpitality were present at Gulfood to capture some insights and when we are talking about food, I took it to my favorite section. Bakery.

Here is a glimpse of the Bakery showcase at Gulfood,