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Money holds power even after you die?

Have you visited graveyards or passed any of them?? What is the first thought that comes to your mind after seeing that?? Till now whenever I passed any, I would think, These people were alive sometime and now with God so I bowed my head down with respect every time I saw one. Many times, it has scared me as only dead people lived there; I would never go there at night. Our first condo in Canada side faced a cemetery I always closed my windows at dusk, to be sure to not face anything when it was dark outside, I was always scared.

Last week on our exhilarated trip to Chicago, we passed throughMount Carmel Catholic Cemeterywhile driving on a busy street. Never thought about this before but it has another impact on me this time. And which completely changed my perspective towards life and death. Does money still hold power even after you die?? Weve always heard people saying; no one takes money with him when they die. These graveyards indicated a whole different story about power of money and individuals.

We saw large stones placed on graves, some small and some only with flowers. These people who were a part of society some time ago are now in their different world. Amongst them; there must be someone who was a singer, a multimillionaire, an actor or maybe someone who sold newspapers in busy streets of Chicago. Big stones; it must be someone probably rich and could afford a big space to rest; a person who had all the luxuries and slept in his Mansion is now resting in peace here. Different sized stones indicated different levels of society. Some only had flowers, was it because they werent able to afford to buy/rent space for their final rest?? Cemetery website explains different options about the lot sizes, location, and price. You have to pay hefty amount to be seen from the main road or if want your resting space next to the main gate to be accessed easily by your loved ones!!!!Picture given below will explain it better;

When we arrived in Canada, we saw multiple advertisements on TV showcasing aged men and women. An elegant lady who is now in her 70s, not as strong as earlier, gives herself a reward of new design cut bathtub where theyll modify your current tub, without costing you a fortune. Or another one where an old gentleman gets himself chairs lift for staircase, just because his knees dont support him anymore. There are more ads on saving money or paying money for your death bills. The ad says, The cost of death in Canada can be as higher as 10,000 $, would you leave the burden of your death on your loved ones??? This means you have to even plan your death in hand, how sad?? Money plays an important role here again, alas!!!! Various cemetery websites or cremation websites suggest death planning in advance with monthly packages, can you believe it?? I had never heard or seen anything like this before coming to Canada. Guess dying is also not cost effective these days and have to be planned in advance to die with dignity.

We all are running hastily to achieve our goals, busy lives, everyone has his own mission.But at the end,Will we rest in some inches or feet???Whatever it is, for now my mantra is Live life and enjoy what it has to offer, challenges help make a better person, be kind and gratitude is the key!!!!!!