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Jumeirah’s old walking track is now- “La Mer”

Jumeirahs old walking/jogging track is now the hottest destination, "La Mer". We discovered this place sometime in 2007-8 while driving through Jumeirah Road. It was our favorite place to hang out, especially at night after dinner, sometimes on the weekdays and sometimes on the weekend. There was a public beach in front of the local villas, walking tracks, a long stone bridge to the ocean amid hard rocks and a seating area at the end of the bridge.

The majestic skyline of Sheikh Zayed Road shimmering in the night light looked as good as twinkling stars from the bridge. Burj Khalifa wasnt ready then. It was peaceful and nostalgic to be there, the only handful of people, running, jogging, walking in the area, few kids biking and some enthusiasts taking pictures over the black large rocks that looked just like Marine Drive in Mumbai. There was only a small cafeteria serving snacks and masala chai. Wed go there to relax and enjoy the surroundings, sometimes late at night and come back delighted.

We drove over again a few years ago to visit but the area was blocked as some construction was going on and then we forgot about it. After so many years, seeing a lot of hype over social media about La Mer, I wanted to visit this place last weekend. While we set our set our GPS for the location, we kept guessing if it was the same place we used to visit and was under construction?

Well, we were right. The same beach alongside Jumeirah road has been developed and renovated by MERAAS, hence named La MER. The old local villas still exist but the rest of the beach has been transformed as the hot Floridian beach destination with the touch of European lakeshores. Warm colorful designer shower areas with vibrant boats like Malta seashore flaunts the beauty of La Mer.

La Mer holds the largest trampoline park in Dubai, a water park, water sports, kids activities to indulge the whole family. There is a lifeguard on duty; parking is free on the weekend. La Mer could be a perfect destination to experience the glory of the setting Sun. I still have to go there again for it. Since Dubai is enjoying the cooler temperatures, La Mer is a place for a day out with family and friends, enjoy the sunset and enjoy the fireworks during Dubai Shopping Festival before calling it a good night.

La Mer is a perfect place to be out with the family, swim in the blue Arabian Sea, make sand castles, leave the kids in the trampoline to jump their hearts out, shop local and international and dine in world-class restaurants, especially in this weather. La Mer offers modern technology and designs; it will give you a feel of being in the Caribbean. Meraas has tried to diversify the architecture to amuse the residents as well as tourists.

I also thought La Mer resembles Jumeirah Walk a lot but could be an updated version. La Mer is also trending destination for photographs overlooking the mesmerizing Dubai skyline, Burj Khalifa, substantial UAE Flag, palm trees, golden sands, ecstatic waterfront and so much more. We look forward to returning back to La Mer, this time for longer and with a group. Thank you MERAAS for the development.