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Sunset experience from the airplane

Feets above the ground, higher altitudes, all I can see is the horizon, the blue sky, and the majestic Sun. The Earth is far below but I can still peek through the clouds to see the sparking serpentine rivers and large water bodies. While Im peeking through the window, Im hoping to see the sunset.

Is that even possible to see a sunset from the airplane window? Hopeful as I am, lets see. I have done the aircraft photography before but am wondering if that is a possibility or a daydream?

Well, I will know that in a few minutes from now, the glory of the Sun is still bright and dusk is nowhere to be seen. Dear Sun God, please be kind, as Im watching you from the window seat, it seems like you are quite angry and will burn my skin. Please have some mercy on me!

As, I say this, looks like you got more upset and jumped on the other side of the plane, hope you will still show me a miracle of Mother Nature.

I am still in anticipation, the sky is slowly turning pink, the clouds from the window resemble icebergs. Its pretty far and its hard to zoom in to show the view. Right before this, we flew over some heavy rain clouds, looks like its going to rain cats n dogs somewhere but I am still hopeful.

Its more orange than pink right now. The clouds seem to be very happy and cheerful to receive the last few rays of Sunshine and standing high to bid a farewell to Sun until He comes back to meet them again.

From white to pink to orange, Sun has authority to control the shades of the horizon. I can actually see VIBGROR, the colors of the rainbow. It will soon turn dark in this part of the world as Sun is rushing to see our friends in Canada, please say hi to all of them and say I miss them. I can take their message from you tomorrow when you show up again for us here.

Since we are flying in the direction of Sun, I cannot get a clear view but Im quite happy with what I saw, I can see the partially see the Sun from my seat but its harder to get a picture. I am actually seeing the sunset in the sky and my wish is granted. Im a nature lover and hoping to see more sights like this in 2018.

Im passing my time with the amusing Sun and its glory and putting my words down! One more hour until we land in Dubai. India trip is over with lifelong precious unforgettable memories and back to the grind from Sunday.