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Bayanihan Festival- The Largest Filipino Carnival in UAE

Silver girls, vibrant dresses, live competitions, stage shows, hefty crowds on a Friday morning in Dubai to celebrate Philippines largest festival in the Middle East, Banayihan. Bayanihan festival promotes core values, culture, kindness in the community. I am judging the Fruit and Vegetable Carving competition within the festival and seeing some of the great artists performing live. The people are highly talented, fine tools, magnificent designs and a lot of patience, they are all artists.

We have carved pumpkins to create Jack-o-lanterns during Halloween and I know how much hard work it takes and here the level is totally different, some of these Filipino artists are world champions. Some are carving watermelon while some are creating Philippine heroes of yesterday.

Fruit and Vegetable Carving Competition is to demonstrate creativity, originality and artistry in carving fruits and vegetables. The criteria of judging are dependent on the degree of difficulty, creativity/artistry, origin execution, narrative explanations, full utilization of raw materials, seeing all the designs, I am sure, its going to be a tough decision.

Here are the final products and they are just wow!!

The winner is the Fish sculpture with Under the Sea theme, there was 1st, 2nd and a 3rd winner announced along with Wow factor. I really enjoyed being a part of this event.

While the artists were busy in creating the sculptures, I sneaked out to visit the Bayanihan festival. The recycled Decorative models looked terrific, they are were made out of plastic bottles, tissue rolls, cans, newspapers. Have a look,

More than 50,000 Filipinos gathered at World Trade Centre to celebrate Bayanihan festival, there were carnival, games, prizes, entertainment, overall it was a great event. Thank you, Philippines community for having us.

This will be my last post year from Dubai for 2017,See you soon,