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Mexican delicacies in posh Dubai- Restaurant Review of Maria Bonita

Burritos, Enchiladas and Tacos, Mexican food is much more than thatwe took our team for lunch to a Mexican Restaurant yesterday and tried Maria Bonita at Jumeirah. Just like the roadside eatery, Maria Bonita serves colorful Mexican delights. Bright yellow, green, blue, and red color frills, hanging from the ceiling, small cozy dining space, professional and pro-active staff, dining at Maria Bonita was an enchanting experience.

The best part is their food which is fresh, tasty, and healthy made with their exotic spices and ingredients imported straight from Mexico. Since Im a vegetarian, I often get nervous about eating out but the chef at Maria Bonita explained to me about the dishes and the ingredients that were used in the preparation.

Mexican food and its ingredients resemble a lot of our Indian food. Mexico is not a vegetarian country but after coming to Dubai and getting a lot of Indian customers looking for pure vegetarian dishes. They have added a few delights to their menu, just for people like me.

The server prepared Maria Guakamola (a dip) for us, using Avocado, onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and salt in a Stone bowl called Molcaite. The drinks were herbal and brilliant, Khjamaica prepared with only Hibiscus flowers and another one Horchata made with rice, almonds, and cinnamon ground together to make a refreshing drink. Nachos with freshly prepared Maria Guakamola were hard to resist. There was another salsa which was super spicy but I loved it.

For the main course, I had Burritos and Veggies Enchiladas while the others had Poblano Chilli made with chicken. Flauta Ctyayuito Dorado( beef dish) and Chicken Taquitos. Until now, Mexican food was only Nachos and burritos for me but thanks to the team at Maria Bonita for educating me about the cuisine. I have relished it and cant wait to go back to try more vegetarian dishes on their menu.

Mexican Flag, Mexican decor, Mexican delicacies, Mexican men, Mexican drinks, Mexican music, Mexican ambiance, whats missing, the Mexican hats? Oh, worry no more, they have made sure to create a Mexican Experience for their customers. We enjoyed taking pictures in Mexican hats.

My staff says, I was missing a lot by being a vegetarian, but Ive no complaints. I was happy with what I got. We left Maria Bonita with a smile, tangy tastebuds, nice flavors, and amazing Mexican hospitality.