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The PARKING Frustation

So we had to go for a meeting at 12 noon for which we left well in advance, calculating the driving and parking time. Parking seems easy eh!!! Nope, it isnt. Just like the other busiest locations in the city, finding parking today was like finding a fortune. You are rushing to a meeting and all you do is pray to the divine to find you parking very quickly. This is where you definitely need your luck!

Finding parking in a busy place is like, hunting an animal during a wildlife safari. No, Im not kidding. You see a man coming out of the building and think, hey this is the one! Im gonna get his parking, oh yeah!!! Then what, you didnt know he has parked on the other side were a few cars are already waiting with their hazard lights on! Oh, youre so pissed off! Then you take rounds and rounds of that parking lot, in anticipation of getting that PARKING but nahhh, it aint found. Its been 30 minutes already and you send a message to the client. Sir, still in the parking lot, will reach as soon as my hunt is successful!

There isnt any paid parking nearby and all the choice you have got is to take a rollercoaster ride, round and round the gardenlike a teddy bear.

Now its been almost 1 hour and you looked around everywhere but nahhh. There you see a person scrolling through his social media and then she stands in middle, lost and confused about where to go and you hate that handset for the first time. You just wish if you could only see where she was heading. With the hunger in your eyes, praying to the lord of the lords, pls get me one spot. And here, your wishes have been granted, one person arrives with some luggage in his hands but again he is taking the time. You wonder what could it be, why he wont start and leave, giving me the luxury of today. Turned out, he was on his phone,But then yes, he starts the engine and leaves the premises. You thank all your stars for granting your wish and zoom enter the space.

You rush to get the parking ticket, smiling all the way, in the flashback of how long it took you to get there,As you walk the street to get the ticket, you see a couple of other hungry eyes guessing your direction, in anticipation of getting your Parking Spot.

Its not limited to just one city or country, parking hassle can be seen in every other place in the world, especially in the business and entertainment destinations.

We all go through this once in a while. This is my parking story, what is yours?