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Importance of Profile Picture!

Professionals shuffle amongst different companies to get more exposure, to learn and explore their limits and strength. We all know the importance of keeping the CV updated with recent courses and expertise.

Profile Photo:There are some people who don't wish to add a photograph on their CVs, where there are employers, who feel it should be mandatory. What do you think, whats your take on that? How important is it for you to have a profile picture on your CV along with the professional content?

Few people believe adding a profile picture and nationality in a CV, promotes racism. Some people believe it's just a waste of time and space. Some people add profile pictures just for the sake of it and reports say, 88% of resumes are rejected due to the profile picture due to the wrong selection.


As a recruitment professional, working with hotels in Dubai, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Canada for a decade, I haven't had any of my candidates shortlisted without having the profile picture. Most of the time, we receive CVs without the photo. Even though the CV contains relevant and promising information and matches the requirement of the prospective employer, we still cannot forward it without having their picture on it.

The changing digital age, email communication, Skype interviews have made the need even more significant. We must admit, the process of recruitment has changed and employers now communicate through the web. They just don't want to see your qualification and experience but also want to see the person before the shortlist. If a person is locally available, they can be interviewed directly. The employer wants to see their personality before making any connection. As a consultant, if a CV is sent without the profile photo, the chances of them getting shortlisted are reduced.

Which photo to use on the CV?Add only Professional Pictures; people try to apply for jobs with a fancy profile picture, like cruising on a boat or standing near a monument. It does not frankly apprehend your personality, in fact, ruins it. Use the only professional photographs in the CV; it could be in uniform or business attire. Avoid posting event photographs with more people in it. The profile picture on a CV could be a solo headshot.

So, next time when you are applying for a new job, make sure your profile has your updated expertise, nationality, age, marital status, current contact details, and also your professional profile picture. Before you press that apply now button, make sure to read the Job Description very well and ensure you match the position. This will increase your chance of getting an interview call.

Good Luck!!! Happy Job Searching!!!!

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