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Halloween at Rooftop Lounge Dubai!

Its that time of the year when you smell pumpkins everywhere; the roads are deserted, hulking, and scary winds blowing through the dark windows. Frankenstein, zombies, witches, and skeletons have transpired the land. Children are peeking through the windows and holding their breath to the horrific blowing noises. It gets spooky as soon as its the sun sets down and dark shadows take over it.

Halloween is the most celebrated festival in North America. The houses are decorated with bones, spider webs, skeletons and so much more. After celebrating it for the past so many years in Canada, we are now in Dubai.

While doing my research online, I came through Halloween celebrations at the Rooftop Lounge at the Royal Ascot Hotel in Bur Dubai. Just like my children, I was desperate to celebrate one of my favorite festivals Halloween in Dubai. We thought of checking it out last night, I was amazed to see the setup done by Rooftop Lounge, magnificent work done by the team. It was a bit spooky and gave us that feel of Halloween in Dubai.

I personally loved the Rooftop lounge, quite a spacious space.perfect to chill out with friends while having shisha, drinks, and some sumptuous delicacies freshly prepared by the chefs on site. The huge TV screen is so welcoming and is perfect to watch Soccer and cricket matches, obviously, its more fun to cheer the team with the larger crowd. Not to forget the soulful music by the DJ..its a big party every night at Rooftop Lounge.

The rooftop has launched its 5thsuccessful season recently and is very creative in entertaining their new and repetitive guests. Mr. Suneel Bhambani, the Owner of the Rooftop lounge meets each and every guest with a smile and makes sure to get feedback from them to ensure guest service and quality. The ambiance, the feel, the dcor and space, and the hospitality at the Rooftop Lounge, set it apart from the others.

Each night at Rooftop is a theme night; like Monday at Rooftop is now Monday, Tuesday is Ladies night, Wednesday is Karaoke and Thursday is a Bollywood Quiz night..there are games available for the guests to participate in. It is a perfect venue for corporates for their team-building exercise. We loved our time at the Rooftop lounge and are looking forward to visiting them again soon.