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Lunch at newly opened Sesame Restaurant- Sunset Mall!

The newly opened Sesame restaurant in Sunset Mall, Jumeirah road has come up with plant forward menu. The menu is derived from health aspect and is extremely nourishing. The aroma of fresh herbs and ingredients will enhance your appetite. The nourishing meal at Sesame is prepared from scratch using the seasonal, organic and local ingredients, maintaining the ravishing taste and health benefits.

Sesame works on the concept of CREATE. NOURISH.SHARE. People are slowly back going to eating plant-based diet and raw foods as meals and Sesame ensures the flavor of fresh herbs will stroke your taste buds. As a vegetarian, I always have trouble in trying a different variety of food than our authentic Indian vegetarian

There are plentiful dishes on the Menu to try if you are a vegetarian like me. Marco, the Manager at Sesame was kind enough to advise. He explained what ingredients would best use in preparing a dish for me and assured, it would be 100% veg. His assurance boosted my confidence to try something different than my normal choice at a restaurant.

For drinks, we ordered Tulsi Elixir and Lemongrass Coconut, botanical beverages made with fresh herbs, quite relishing I tried both and my favorite was Lemongrass Coconut that had a strong taste lemongrass and sweet taste of coconut.

Tulsi Elixir is a drink, seasoned with Tulsi-Rose-Cardomon- Basil Seeds- Lime and Honey as Tulsi (basil) is aromatic perennial plant possesses exclusive medicinal benefits.

Lemongrass Coconut is another drink made with lemongrass, ginger, coconut water, lime, and honey.

For lunch, we ordered pickled olives, Deep Root Salad, Avocado Toast with Goat Cheese Honey, Five-Spice vegetable-rice noodles, Origami Fish (for hubby).

I loved the Avocado toast, the taste of fresh ginger, lemon, honey, and sesame, enriched the flavor of cheese and the total dish was delicious.

Deep Root salad had some roasted potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and few other roots added. I was thankful, I tried it as I love roasted Potatoes, it was savored with fresh herbs and lemon.

Rice noodles mixed with broccoli, red pepper, pumpkin seeds, soy sauce and five in-house made spices, a specialty of Sesame had the charismatic taste.

Out of the above dishes we ordered, my favorite is Avocado toast, a must try for vegetarians at Sesame. My husband ordered Origami fish- with sea bass-mushrooms-broccolini-cherry tomato-fennel-ginger-in homemade mineral broth, I couldnt try that but the presentation looked fantastic and hubby mentioned the taste was sumptuous.

We left the decision of dessert to Marco and he came up with Orange Polenta Cake with Saffron Coconut Lime Pudding Pot.

Orange Polenta cake was freshly baked at the site with less fat, polenta, almonds, orange, saffron, orange blossom and decorated with honey labneh drizzle.

Coconut lime pudding Pot, on the other hand, was something different than the normal dessert. It was made of small bite-sized scaled coconut, cashew, lime, homemade granolait had some kind of tangy, creamy and sweet taste.

Tea, coffee and hot drinks at Sesame are made with organic full-fat whole milk, skim milk and homemade cashew milk, options are available at request. Vegan options are also available. The cost for 2 people is approximately AED 350.

The Aura, cleanliness, and staff at Sesame were awesome; meal cooking and presentation didnt take long. We met the owner Irina Sharma, who joined hands with Neha to create this wonderful concept of SESAME.We would definitely go back to SESAME and will highly recommend it.