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Life is a journey, not a destination!

Life is a journey!!! Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, sometimes memorable, sometimes consequential. You meet different people at many junctions, some strengthen you, some dishearten you, some walk with you till you find another path, some leave you halfway, some tell you how to go and some will pull you down from your path, some will tear you apart. Some will love you wholeheartedly. You will meet some, you will be separated from some.

You might face drastic storms on the way, it will try to shatter you but you have to hold on. Sometimes you have to make your own shed, sometimes a kind soul may provide you an adobe to spend a night.sometimes tranquility will torment you and sometimes hullabaloo, and sometimes you will find contentment in both.

Sometimes you can see the path, sometimes its foggy.sometimes you see flowers and serenity in surroundings and sometimes you see nothing but pitch will haunt will and you will be afraid to walk.and sometimes you will be too tired of heights and concrete roads will make you breathless and you will feel like, you cannot take any single step anymore.

But whatever the situation is, wherever you are on the road, on your journey of life..remember to just keep walking, learning lessons from the past junctions, and tell yourself, just a little more, push it hard and you can do it. Soon, youll discover, your destination is in front of you, all thriving and resplendent, believe me, the view from the top is spectacular. Youll forget all the thorns and blisters you had got on en route and will love the triumph.

Repose yourself, enjoy your feat!!!! By the time you make it to the terminus, you would be much perfervid, and your determination propelled you to progress, you kept moving and finally got there.

You have rested, you have enjoyed and its time for another destination in life..another journey, another expedition.keep going.keep inspiring..keep loving.

Life is a journey and not a destination. Enjoy what you get, you will meet different people, some give you lessons, some give you experiences.

Celebrate, cry, laugh, grow but dont forget to LIVE!