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Destination Canada-Come and Explore Canada in 2017!

Canada is the Rocky Mountains
Canada is Prince Edward Island
Canada is a country made for love
Canada is La Belle Provence
Canada is the Yukon Mine
Canada is a country full of love.

ByRoger Whittaker

Majestic lyrics by Roger Whittaker, he truly explains what Canada is made up of, a country full of love! Canadas magnificent beauty cannot be described in a few words, the ravishing Rocky Mountains, dazzling Toronto city, impeccable Vancouver city, exemplary Calgary, pristine beaches of Nova Scotia, and exquisite Newfoundland and Labrador..from coast to coast Canada is made up of grasslands, captivating landscapes, and countryside. Canada is the worlds 2ndlargest country, taking the 4thlargest landscape of Earths Northern hemisphere, close to the Arctic and Antarctica. It has not been commercialized a lot yet. Canada has petroleum and natural reserves and is a perfect spot for tourists.

Canada experienced the largest amount of tourists in 14 years, over 20 million tourists chose to visit Canada in 2016. It was a record-breaking year for the Canadian tourism industry, 30% Koreans, 24% Chinese, 1.7 million from Europe and it was also the record-breaking year for air travel as 17% of tourists from the United States only visited Canadian lands during 2016.

This year as Canada celebrates 150 anniversary, all the parks, natural reserves, and historical sites would have free entrance for the visitors. You can register online at and apply for your pass; one pass is good for the entire family.

Banff National Park has already received over 100,000 requests and I am sure, more and more people must be planning to visit cities in and around Canada this spring and summer.

The United States has recently put a ban on immigration and on visitors; even Canadians are hesitant to visit them. Canada is expected to have millions of in-country visitors and the tourism industry will see another record-breaking year in 2017. The government of Canada has planned numerous events and celebrations across the country to celebrate Canadas 150thbirthday.

We hope the country prospers more and more in the upcoming years, Canadian values make it a perfect place to live. We now need more industries and more job opportunities that can contribute to the countrys economy. Tourism is a vital part of Canada; we may also need another Disney-land in Canada since a lot of people fly to the US to visit Disney-Land and hesitate to apply for another Canadian Visa. More tourists count for more hotels and more jobs in the country.

Happy 150thCanada!!! May you always stay strong and free!!!