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Migrating to Canada soon- Read these 12 Tips before you land.

Like many expatriates in the Middle East, you could be one of them thinking about a permanent settlement by landing in the popular countries for immigrants to Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. You dream big about re-creating your destiny, having your own home, and building the best future for your children.

When you land in Canada, making public transport your best friend in the initial days of travel is a great idea. It's well connected and people are so nice and gentle to guide you if need to ask the directions.

Here are a few suggestions to help and guide you in your initial settlement:

  1. Choosing Accommodation: Most of the people who migrate to Canada, have a friend or relative in the country to help in choosing their rental home. But if you're in one of those who have landed without any support. Make sure to check the free real estate magazines at the newsstands(free of cost), local grocery store( they might have ads for tenants), go online to explore.

Housing is available as in condos, basement apartments, or houses, depending on your budget. Like every other immigrant, who is trying to save every dime n penny in a foreign country and converting it to the home currency can feel a pinch. It's always better to stay in a cheaper hotel or apartment for a week and extensively explore the area for your next adobe.

Do not ever pay anyone over email or make online transfers until you've seen or finalized the rental yourself, a lot of scammers are on the web, looking to con people like you.

  1. Job Search: It is not going to be the icing on the cake, you might have to start all over again, at a lower level in the beginning. Keep patience and keep trying, I have seen people who get the job immediately after they arrived and some people struggled for months and months to get something suitable. Contact the local consultants, looks for ads in the newspapers, and join volunteer programs to connect with the people.

Canada loves its Volunteers and it teaches you a lot too, it helps you in creating a social circle. There are certain jobs that never come out in the market, people get hired due to connections and networking.

3.Getting a Sin-Card, Medical Card and Bank accounts are very easy to obtain from the Government offices within Canada, you don't have to pay anyone to do it. You can get it yourself and it doesn't take long. Canadian Government and officials are very gentle and polite with the new immigrants and will explain the entire process to with pleasure. There are language translators also if you need help.

4.Schooling:Public schools are excellent in Canada, you don't have to pay any fees for the school, even school supplies are free. Canadian education is ranked very high among others in the world. Schools work with boundaries and you can get admission in the school at any time of the year, it is your fundamental right.

There are no formal exams until Grade 9, the learning is more practical than theories. Canada believes in all overgrowth in children, the sense of responsibility, organization, collaboration, etc are taught in schools since they are very young.

5. Do some research before getting your home line, mobile phone, and internet connection. There are only a few reliable companies in the market, normally they compete with each other and give attractive rates for the new customers.

6. Do not get fascinated by TV ads and order online immediately. Most of the TV ads will allure you to buy the product with an attractive amount shown at the base of the screen. There are a lot of hidden costs involved at times and once you say yes to them, they keep charging you until you make a written application to cancel the order. It might take longer and you may end up losing money. Web sites like Amazon, Groupon are reliable.

7. Do not believe in the offers you get in your mailbox. We received a voucher which mentioned we have won 1800USd worth of Cruise and hotel package from a Cruise company. We were new then and paid the other 800USD over the phone, they talk to you so nicely and make you believe that its a magnificent deal but rather it was spam and we lost our money.

8. Do not ever give your personal information on the phone, whether it is anyone or any company. Unless you call a company and then the security questions are requested. Spammers call and take your personal details to misuse.

9. Do not ever give your SIN card no to anyone, that's like your bank account, very confidential. This no. will have all your personal and financial details.

10. Banks and Insurance companies etc call you to discuss their plans, even if you are interested, do not say YES over the phone. Tell them to send you the details by mail and then you can respond. Once you say YES, they will start charging you, no matter you want it or not.

11. No one from any company can come and knock at your door without an appointment, you have a right to not open the door for any stranger. Companies will always connect with you on phone before sending their employee and request the desired time. Not a lot of people know about it and fall prey to the wrong people.

12., Unlike other countries, Canada has very good return and price match policies in all the stores. If you don't like a product you have purchased you can return it to the store with the receipt and get your money back or exchange it for a better product.

All the very best for a new expedition in life in Canada!!!

Best Wishes,