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Road that leads to World Expo-2020 Dubai is magical

Dubai was primarily a trading hub for businesses and slowly turned into the gateway to East and West connecting both worlds very efficiently. Dubai has grown tremendously in the last decade, every year there is a new attraction open for visitors. Its commendable how this place has been making its mark in the entire universe and has become a must-visit tourist destination.

World Expo 2020 in Dubai is a Mega event that has two Universal Aims that is connecting minds and creating a future. In about 4 years time, Dubai will welcome 25 million people to Expo 2020 and they have already started preparing for it. In 2016, Dubai Canal and Bollywood Parks and Resorts were added to Dubais extraordinary landscape. Some of the sensational future projects are here below, we cannot wait to see them all,

  1. Aladdin City inspired by the famous Arabic story of Alladin and his magical lamp. The city will be built on 4000 acres and includes a hotel.

2.Dubai Eye, inspired by the London Eye. This monument will be larger than the one existing in the United Kingdom.

3. Dubai Frame- A 500*300 frame that showcases the entire Sheikh Zayed and marvelous Skyscrapers are almost ready to be launched.

4. Al Maktoum International Airport is being built around 40kms from Dubai which is closer to the World Expo site and will cater to millions of tourists arriving in Dubai in 2020.

5. Mall of the World- Dubais hot temperature reaches up to 60 degrees Celsius in summer which makes it impossible to explore outdoors. This mall will include world-class stored with controlled temperature indoor space, 20,000 hotel rooms, and an amusement park.

6. The Universe- As ambitious as the name states, its going to be a big one. After the man-made Palm Island and The World Island, Dubai is working on The Universe which has different shaped islands such as Planets, Stars Sun, and Moon.

7. Dubai Pearl- The building gives you the sense of Marina Bay in Singapore, with its brilliant architecture, it will stand out.

Dubai Pearl will also feature an underwater theme park inspired by stories of Atlantis and based on the famous Hollywood blockbusters- Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar. It will provide, of the experience to all swimmers and divers regardless of their skill levels.

8.Jewel of the Creeks- This five-star hotel community will provide world-class hospitality for guests and long term residents. It will have hotel rooms and apartments.

9. Jumeira Creek Harbour- The ideas of bringing the highest twin tower buildings in Dubai is on the chart, it would be magnificent to see once it rises in Dubai.

Image result for jumeirah creek harbour

10. Taj Arabia- Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and is located in India. It is believed Emperor Shah Jahan made the monument in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj Mahal and no other similar monument was made. Dubai plans to build the iconic Taj Arabia which will also showcase a hotel and hotel apartments before 2020.

There are some more billion-dollar residential and commercial Sky Scrapers and projects planned before the launch of World Expo 2020.

  1. Dubai Exhibition City 2 Billion USD
  2. Dubai one- 711 meters

Image result for dubai one tower

3. Dubai Iconic Tower- 800 meters plus

4. Lighthouse tower 402 meters

5. Burj 2020- 660 plus meters

6. Pentominium- 516 meters

7. Jumeirah Garden City 90 Billion, 100+ with many Skyscrapers, just behind Burj Khalifa

8.Dubai design district- 2 Billion USD

9. Marina 101 426 meters

10.Paramount Towers 4* 250 meters means there will be four 250 m buildings facing each other in a complex.

11.Marina 106- 445 meters

12.Dubai Land- 64 Billion USD

Hyperloop is a new way to transport people at airline speeds for the price of a bus ticket. It also underway which will connect Abu Dhabi to Dubai in 12 minutes with a speed of 500mph and it will be ready by 2020.

World Expo provides opportunities in 3 subthemes- Opportunity, mobility, sustainability. I am anxiously waiting for 2020 with all the above projects on the way. Dubai will be the no.1 tourist destination in the world. More opportunities for expatriates are certainly on the way, keep dreaming, and keep working.

There are many hotels in the pipeline that will create numerous amount of jobs in the UAE hospitality industry, for jobs online, log on to I will be writing another blog on how many total hotel rooms are on the way till Expo 2020.