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Tobermory Escape in Pregnancy Blues

Tobermoryis a small community located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula in the Northern Bruce Peninsula municipality, Ontario, Canada. It is 300km northwest of Toronto. The community is known as the freshwater SCUBA diving capital of the world because of the numerous shipwrecks in the surrounding waters, especially in Fathom Five National Park. Tobermory and the surrounding area are popular vacation destinations. People come here for the beaches, the diving, the unspoiled countryside, and the relaxed life pace. The town lies north of the Bruce Peninsula National Park. The best time to visit Tobermory is between May and October since most businesses are closed in winter. It's a great place to enjoy nightlife if you are one of those party people.

It's a small town, no lavish 5-star hotels are present, but little lodges, cottages, and motels are available for your stay. We had an opportunity to visit it in August while visiting afamous beach in Ontario,Wasaga beach. It offers separate beach areas for dog lovers; Ronnie, our puppy, had so much fun in the water, but I noticed he looked a bit scared at times; he was merely eight months old and was learning to swim in the water. We suddenly planned to discover Tobermory that same evening, without any clothes, no arrangement, we decided to turn our wheels towards Tobermory as it seemed so exhilarating.

Some Tip here:- Keep a bag with clothes ready in the car if you're one of those enthusiastic travelers, along with a mat, water bottles, and folding chairs.

As we departed Wasaga Beach, it was already 6 pm, our navigation displayed it was around 430Kms to Tobermory. We were so thrilled; we were visiting a new magnificent place but didn't know about the area and surroundings. The Sun started disappearing, and daylight faded around7:30pm, it began to get dark. The two ways highway didn't have any street lights; it was completely dark except for the bright light coming from the dividers to show us the way. We couldn't see much traffic going towards our destination, and there was a time when there were no cars on the road except ours. We felt so isolated in the dead of night.

We reached Tobermory around 10 pm and started to look for a place to get some shut-eye. To add to our misery Visitor Center was already closed; we stopped by every place where we could stay for that night, but everything was full. The receptionist at one of the motels advised us to go back again towards Toronto at least 100Kms off Tobermory since there was nothing else available nearby which we could get.

We were so exhausted after our busy day filled with adventures and was longing for a bed to relax. Since all the motels said, No Vacancy, we decided to go back and stay somewhere else to come back again the next morning and visit the town. We suddenly spotted a turn that we didn't see before to check for a motel/lodge/cottage. It was a dead-end, actually nerve-racking, with giant trees surrounding us from all sides. We stopped our car in the middle of the road to check our navigation and the next stop. I recall our dog came closer to my son; we were all so frightened. Instead of traveling another 100Kms in that dingy night and spooky roads, we gave it another chance and decided to visit the town once again and see if we missed any lodges.

Some Tip here:- Always book your hotel/cottage from 2-3 weeks back in advance in the summer when planning to travel to Tobermory as it gets booked pretty fast.

We had a good fortune; another receptionist at a busy motel gave us an address where we could find at least one room; we no longer thought about the hotel's luxuries; we just wanted a sleepover. Could you believe a space that's sold for 56$ a night on regular days was sold to us for 165$?? We had no choice; it was 11:30 pm, with a pregnant wife, a 7-year-old child, and a dog; my husband didn't overthink and took the keys, and we headed to our room. Luckily a clean and spacious room was waiting for us, we retired for the night.

Some Tip here:- Try to avoid public holidays; the hotels/cottages are expensive and a lot of rush.

Our elation woke us up around 6:30 am; I needed to eat as I was carrying a baby. The lodge we stayed in didn't offer any breakfast, but some cafes provide breakfast. After having a delightful morning meal, we started to explore the town and discovered a quiet beach across the cottage street. We placed our folding chairs on the sand and made some sandcastles; it made a young boy happy.

Crystal clear blue water, clean brown sands, and a bright sunny day gave a spectacular sight. Boat rides are a must while you are in Tobermory. While we waited for our boat, I witnessed some young boys jumping from the rocks along with their siblings and dad; I believe the water at the shore was not that deep. They seemed so joyful, seeing that our boy made a wish to try it as well. We didn't allow him as we didn't carry the necessary stuff for swimming and diving. I have water phobia; it looks like I died underwater in my previous birth; it seemed exciting, though. Anyways, jokes apart, I couldn't have tried it during pregnancy.

Some Tip here:-Make the best use of your 2ndTrimester during pregnancy, make many memories with your loved ones before the little one arrives.

We spent our late morning in a beautiful glass-bottom boat which took us to show the shipwrecks and around the beautiful islands. Flower Island is one of the most famous islands in the Bruce Peninsula; dogs are allowed on the boat. My cutie pie (dog) was sitting under my legs, wondering what's happening and where he is going?? There's an option to get down on any of those islands, but we didn't choose it as we wanted to leave early and visit another famous destination Sauble Beach on the way home.

Some Tip here:-Id suggest keeping at least 2 nights to be in Tobermory, you could experience one of the nights in islands and in the wild.

My pregnancy memories will always include a visit to this magnificent destination of Bruce Peninsula, and I will advise booking earlier when you plan to visit here. This space is so busy and occupied; it'll be hard to find anything if you don't have a booking from before. Our journey was suddenly planned but was indeed an adventurous one. I was 5months plus pregnant then with my 2ndboy. It is the time when you can travel and enjoy before the baby arrives.
We were all exhausted by the time we reached home, took this picture on our way back.

Some Tip here:- Click lots and lots of pictures for your memories.