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Staycation at the new Al Reef Resort and Spa by Andalus

Back home from the ecstatic business and leisure trip to Dubai, jet lag persists and Im up since 3 am. The memories we made at Al Reef Resort and Spa, Abu Dhabi kept me awake and here my laptop is on to describe and share our experiences at the hotel. This hotel is a part of Andalus Hotels and Resorts and an arm of Jannah Hotels and resorts which already has a presence in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah.



A relaxing weekend is what people look forward to after meeting endless hours at work and tiresome drive, traffic jams, board meetings, and the list goes on. Imagine you have a villa, with the updated facilities and a modern, stylish open kitchen, and when you open the back door, relaxation awaits you, excited? The hotel is a community in itself where you can hang out with family, sit on the porch while sipping on a hot cup of coffee, and enjoy the poolside. There are also some restaurants and cafeterias inside the hotel, where you can enjoy dinner or late-night coffee with cheesecake.

European Town: Once you enter, the hotel will give you a feel of an ancient European town with adjacent low villas, a marketplace, outdoor coffee shops, salons, grocery stores,s and much more. Its a small city on its own, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. And guess what, like every European town, it has an Indian restaurant as well,




Adjacent to Mall: Al Seef hotel is located just next to a mall; in fact, they are attached and even has an entry from the hotel. The marketplace, restaurants, and even a kids play area can engage you well and fulfills all your needs while you are staying at Al Seef Resort and Spa.


Luxembourg feels: If you have been there, you know what I am talking about but if you havent, Luxembourg city has a street that is filled with colorful hanging umbrellas, epic eye candy, and a perfect picture spot, we loved it when we were there. Here at Al Seef, you can get a similar feel, a sheet of red and white umbrellas enhances the appearance of the property.




Rooms: Hotel rooms are spacious and very neat and clean, no smell of carpet or anything. I loved the way; they have personalized everything inside the room. From the carpet to the bath towel and even the backdrop behind the TV has its logo, the interior is just perfect. There was a media player in the room which was most enjoyed by our kids, they could plug in their I-pod and listen to their favorite tunes. The room totally gave us the feeling of being at home.










The kitchen design is also quite remarkable, the colors and arrangements were excellent. It had everything a family needs when away from home.

Pool: Al Seef Resort and Spa has 4 large pools along, with the largest Jacuzzi in the UAE that can fit 20 people at one time. The pool area is the most people area of the hotel, surrounded by the sun lounges and Palm trees, it adds to the beauty of the property.

There is a small kids pool which is safe enough for kids of 4 and above. It was the first time, I could enjoy the sunbed and watch the children instead of jumping in with them, and sometimes you just want to chill and if I only had a book to read, (well, thats impossible until kids grow up). The lifeguard is at work so that is additional.




The hotel staffs were very generous and helpful, it was my little ones birthday on the day we were checking out. While leaving the hotel, they mentioned, they were supposed to come into our rooms for a little celebration with the cake and present for the little guy but had no idea we would be leaving early. Our little man was anyway happy to see the surprise present. We all loved our stay at Al Reef Resort and Spa and would look forward to being there again soon.