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This is how a Pre-opening hotel looks like!!!

When you enter a five-star hotel, what comes to your mind, Valet Parking, enchanting lobby and decor, gorgeous receptionist?? A sumptuous meal, a place to hang out, a family-friendly location, and home away from home? A hotel is a much-awaited place where you can relax and unwind but the glory you witness comes with a lot of hard work. By hard work, I mean really hard work!
I had an opportunity to visit a Pre-opening hotel property in Dubai this week. Though we had visited a lot of Pre-opening hotels in the past, this time we were given a vest and helmet to wear as it was still the construction site, it was my first experience. I felt great as my brother keeps sending me his pictures from his site, he is an engineer,This time I also wanted to pretend an engineer but the job comes with a lot of responsibilities. I could feel that as soon as I entered the construction site. There were only structures, wooden logs, ladders, electrical wires, sunlight, laborers working with blue uniforms a safety hat, gloves, and a vest. Lifts were still not working so the engineer asked me if I could climb 3 floors up? Seeing the people working around me so hard, I didnt think it was a big deal for me.

It is all about dreams, the developers dream to create another skyscraper, a hotel companys dream to add another feather in their hat. An engineers dream to see the final and ready to be used building and most importantly the dream of labor!!

This is supposed to be a ballroom which will be the largest in Dubai. It can hold up to 1000 people at one time, with larger LED screens and FB services, this will be a perfect destination to hold future events in town.

What dream could labor have? They travel to the city of dreams, to make a big living without their family. Sweat their bodies out under the harsh sun to earn a few notes to make a wire transfer. Im not sure what their dream is when they are working on a construction site. For them, its a job for which they would be paid on an hourly basis or a lump sum. A dream to pay for their kid's education and a source of bread and butter. I think, after working countless hours every day, their dream must be a place where they can retire for the day, comfortable or not, who cares!! They would just need somewhere to pass out!!

When you enter the hotel, there are people dressed in their best, chauffeured in the best cars, how many people will acknowledge the hard work behind the luxury!! The Pre-opening hotel staff works day and night to bring the hotel to the very day to welcome their first guests. Initially, there could be flaws as they are still testing if everything works well. Overall, what these people bring to us is commendable, hats off to you all and a big Thank you!!!!