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Responsible kids become responsible adults!!!

Parenting has changed over the years so has the scholastic. Even if youre brilliant in school; dont think you can catch up with todays generation. You might have to keep yourselves updated or else you will look stupid in front of children, they would surely know more than us.

Scrolling down my sons school website and I came across a wonderful article from one of his classmates (I was told, she had ADHD). I have known this girl and her parents since grade 3, could never imagine, she was so talented and an ace writer. I spoke to her mother and praised for the piece of an excellent story she had mastered, her mothers face was all lit up with happiness and her eyes shone brightly with pride, sometimes mothers need it, dont we?

The way children learn these days is indeed very impressive. Teachers at the school are preparing them for their future careers not just by teaching math or science but by teaching them to buy stocks or by inspiring them for creative writing; even blogging can turn into a desired career in later years. Teaching methods have drastically changed in fact its become more exciting and interactive.

Did you know? Google started a program called Genius hour for their employees where they were allowed to challenge their brains and do something creative in that very hour and eventually Gmail was born. This similar concept has been introduced in schools where they are given an hour every week, using technology (allowed to bring their own devices), create something on the web; related to anything they want to. It could be arts, music, drama, science, games, math, sports or even philanthropy. They are supposed to put their best efforts to build an exciting project which upon completion, they would be presenting in front of their teacher and the whole class.Every child is born with some talent and this exercise may eventually bring out their hidden talent and which could further lead to their future careers.

Nowadays, they just dont have to memorize one thing over and over again to sit in the test but the new education system makes sure they are knowledgeable. When my 7th grader presents his project, it makes me look stupid, like Id never learned anything in school. They have a deeper knowledge of the subject because they are taught with different approaches and mechanisms. This generation is confident and can speak in front of anyone without fear and mind you! they know, what they are talking about,

All you worry is about your kids education and then receive a note from his teacher, mentioning your child has to learn organization and responsibilities. Parents can help them with giving them by assigning chores, tell them to vacuum the floors, tidy up their room, make their bed, do the dishes and laundry, and even clean the toilets. They insist, doing these will help them become responsible adults. Even Kindergarteners are expected to do some of their chores until they become perfect. But in our culture, we are normally spoon-fed and considered a small child until we at least reach high school? to start getting chores and responsibilities? Not anymore, teachers insist it should start an early age as they start learning motor skills.

If you think over the teachers perspective, shes managing a class of more than 20 students, only with a help of one assistant (Kindergartens), she would definitely be supported if kids could help themselves. It becomes our (parents) responsibility to work as a team with the teacher and listen to what she expects them to do at school and then repeat the same routine at home. Kindergarten teachers are doing such an awesome job to manage our kids the whole day and by showing them the new world in the form of fun activities and play while introducing new ways of learning.

You cant be mistaken to compare yourselves with this new generation. A generation where a 2-year old can operate a mobile phone and children below 4 can successfully use I-pads to explore. They are just born with the sense; we didnt even know to use computers or emails until University.

This generation doesnt write much:-

As it is a computer generation, they prefer to type and print instead of the old way of picking a paper and pen to write. I spoke to the class teacher of my 7th grader and asked if they were told to write more or only use computers. She was like, what type of writing are you talking about, cursive?? Cursive, forget it! This generation can never learn cursive, I said, they can hardly write. Eventually, these will all change and we will be free of papers soon, she insisted, He is ok to use whatever method hes interested in.

Some of the schools dont allow textbooks to school anymore, Kindies carry I-pads and grade 1 onwards carry laptops, E-learning is becoming popular day by day.

New Teaching methods:

Curriculums around the world have changed have become fascinating and more responsive.

My sons class has most of their classwork online and every student maintains their own website. They write blogs for their language and social studies, brainstorm more ideas, and create a story to explain what they learned in the class in their own way. (Remember the old school way of practicing questions and answers from a book and were supposed to print exactly the same in our test to obtain full marks)

For Math, their teacher is teaching them how to buy stocks online; they should research about various companies and their stocks and study them every day. The teacher has created their Usernames and Passwords and given them a website to buy and sell stocks online (just to practice), apparently they are all given 1000 CAD to spend wisely.

Knowledgeable generation:-

This generation knows it all, ask them about politics, movies, stock exchange, space, math, science, social media and any other thing, they would know it all since they closely follow everything in the school. My son knew more about the US elections than us, they knew their agendas and which candidate will bring fortune to the US and Canada if he/she wins?

Schools dont stress or teach any religion instead teach kindness. Kids collect coins, clothes, or cans for charity a few times of the year; they are taught there are less privileged children and families in the world who they can help. Mankind supports mankind and the earlier they learn the better.


Saunalahti school in Espoo, Finland Photo by Andreas Meichsner for Verstas architects

Finland has broken all the rules and reformed its curriculum/classrooms and has achieved no.1 ranking in academic excellence in the world in 2016. Its interesting to know, children dont start proper school until the age of 7 and then there are no subjects, before age 7 and there is no academic training for children, they learn collaboration, organization, and responsibilities in the form of play.

In schools, its more kind of interactive session where the teacher will teach a part of Geography in French or Math in the Cafeteria. Teachers in Finland are highly educated and have to be Masters in Education to start teaching in the school. Schools run only for 5 hours every day, instead of control, competition, stress, standardized testing, screen-based schools, and loosened teacher qualification; they try warmth, collaboration, and highly professionalized, teacher-led encouragement and assessment. They have created a top school system, where kids love their school instead of hatred and achieve higher academic goals.

While school systems around the world change and restructure, as parents we can repeat practicing kindness in our children, to become better human in life, no matter what career they choose!