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Another recruitment fraud exposed

A sincere and humble request to the young, passionate and future Job Seekers, who have a higher expectancy to earn money, change their lifestyle and are constantly looking to make bricks without straw. The problem with todays generation is, they are really impatient and want swift outcomes. This is where Fake recruiters and companies come in and frauds take place. They basically take advantage of the zeal of such innocent aspirants.

Ive come across another recruitment fraud today, this time it was an old neighbor who wants to hit the bricks and come out of the current job/country asap. He informed me, A Supermarket Chain in BC, Canada offered him a job and he has to go for the medical test in next 2 days. Before he does that, he has to pay a certain amount to the consultant, who has helped him to get this job.

When I asked for more details, he informed me, the so-called agent, (uses Gmail id) contacted him just 6 days ago and sent him an email today, with an Offer from a company in Canada. This company (Supermarket in Canada) will issue his Work Permit and pay him 3000 CAD to work in Food Department while he works as an IT professional in a BPO in India.

Canada, a county, where thousands of Immigrants land every year and take up just job to survive/sustain initially and to advise you the minimum wage is 11-12$, (different in every province). Why would a Supermarket Chain hire a Recruitment Consultant/Company to recruit candidates internationally and that also on Work Permit??? And even if they do, would the process just take 6 days for a person to receive a medical test to apply for Work Permit??

If you read the letter carefully (not sharing the letter, sorry as I would like to keep his name confidential, there are 10 other names mentioned in 1 letter ), the company who offered the job cannot be found on the web, the Job Category says, Food Pekar?? Even the spelling is wrong.
He only knows the name of the person who has contacted him and doesnt even know his company name. Please people, do a little research about the person and their company before you make up your mind to pay the dues/fees to anyone.
The Internet has made things easier for all of us. Its not a big deal to do a bit of your homework before you jump out to the conclusion. Here are my suggestions:-

  1. Please Google the name of the person who has offered you a job. In this tech era, everyone/ all companies are on the web. Its not difficult to find a person if they are genuine.
  2. Surf about their company and details; call their office or mobile no. mentioned on their website to check the authenticity.
  1. Check with their acquaintances, if they are connected to the industry they belong to.
  2. Their email id should be professional and not on Gmail/Yahoo/live etc.; every established consultant/company owns their own domain/website and means they are licensed recruiters and not just anyone.Most of the establishments dont charge the candidates, but there are some who charge a minimal amount but thats for the actual recruitment fees (medical/admin etc.). Before you go ahead with your decision for a new job in a new country, always research before you put yours/parents hard-earned money. You may end up paying a hefty amount and not getting anything out of it.

This is the second time when someone approached me through social media, to take my advice if it was a genuine case or a spam. I wrote about Recruitment Fraud just a few months ago when someone else was offered a job in the US and was asked money. Somehow, these scammers target people from developing/ 3rd World countries. Please dont fall into the trap of such scammers, keep safe.