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The grass is always greener on other side of the fence!

Canada is a land of democracy, land of culture, land of security, land of rights, flourishing children, glaciers, exquisite snow-capped mountain terrains, and magnificent landscapes. Canada invites hundreds and thousands of immigrants/ refugees from the entire world every year. Canadians believe in equality of genders/ religion/race/color and cherish humanity. Canada is the hottest paradise for immigrants who want to live and work abroad and raise their kids in a peaceful and invulnerable environment. There are fewer crimes, strict laws, and rules for offenders. But like every other place, there are pros and cons attached to this decision of migrating to Canada.

Ever since, I moved to Canada, a lot of people contacted me, showing their interest in working and living in Canada; looks like people really want to move to Canada. But before you decide on migrating here, you might be interested to have a look at the suggestions I have for you.

You must remember, there are not many work permits issued for people to work in Canada, you must have Permanent Residence to apply and work in Canada. To apply for Permanent Residence (PR), you can contact Immigration agents in your country, they can help you to collect necessary documents and assist you in getting Canadian PR.

Best time to migrate to Canada:-

Canadian immigration invites people according to their age, job, qualification, family status, marital status, and all.

If youre currently single or married (young couple without kids) and working at a junior level in your country thats just starting a career or have only a few years experiences at a lower level.

Then you are the best person to apply for Canadian PR. At this age, since youre a fresher, you may be happy to take any start-up job for your living. You can take up anything available to survive for some time and meanwhile further educate yourself with Canadian standards and slowly achieve higher degrees to get a better job than you had earlier and later settled down to increase your family in size.

Canada has its own education system and certification; they do not accept any other certifications in the world. It does not matter if you were working as a doctor or Engineer or you were the Top Boss at your past company. When you move to Canada, to get a job in your field, you will have to pass certain examinations and study according to the Canadian system. Its basically starting fresh from scratch. If you are willing to accept any opportunity, you should definitely think of relocating to Canada or otherwise not.

It takes a few years to complete those courses and to verify your work certificates. Until then you have to survive, its depressing to compromise with anything at the higher level. One cannot live with their savings for a long time, due to this reason, people here accept any job for a particular time (by this I mean even in the coffee shop or at the grocery store.

People, who come here with kids and with very senior roles in the past, normally go under depression after a few months as getting a job here isnt pretty easy. If you have a good amount of money to invest in a business that can feed you and your family, you should choose to arrive. Otherwise, I wouldnt ever suggest a person who is very well off in their country, owns a big house and cars..sits on the Top-level position. Thinking, its good for their kids future or their prosperity?? Youre totally wrong. Youll take at least 4-5 years to adjust yourself, to the lifestyle and always think about what you left back home. If you are earning plenty of money, you can always send your kids to study abroad in the US, Canada, Australia, or UK rather than sacrificing your whole life and dreaming.You have to set your priorities.

There are many people who come here just to take passports and then go back. Canadian Passport doesnt require Visa in many countries and when you work as an Expat with a Canadian Passport, youre paid higher salaries and bigger roles. But a whole lot of time until you get your passport wont be the icing on the cake.

Well, even after knowing this, you still choose to land in Canada as a PR, below are a few tips for you to help in settling down;

Best Weather to Migrate:-Once youve decided to migrate to Canada, choosing the right weather is very tricky. Schools start in September every year (fall season) then November- March is winter and its mostly harsh. The best time to move here is around May-June (spring)..climate is nice, not very hot, and not very cold. You can freely walk outside with a light jacket.

This will give you enough time to study the area, neighborhood, and surroundings and where to look for jobs and other stuff. If you have school going kids, you can find out about schools and even register them immediately. According to Canadian law, the school cannot deny admitting your child in the area you live even in the middle of the year.

Where to stay after you have migrated:You mustve seen a lot of advertisements on the web, agencies that charge you X amount of money. They will allure you online, to give all kinds of support once you land. Dont fall for any of such advertisements.

Once you land in Canada, its always better to look for the cheaper hotels for the initial few days and in the meanwhile find a rental home for you to live in. There are different types of rentals available depending on what you can afford; cheap, medium, and expensive, this will also depend on which area you would want to live in. You can contact local grocery stores, community centers, they can help you. There are free newspapers that advertise rentals, call them to arrange a meeting; we found ours like that as well.

Dont pay any homeowner online before you move to the country. There are many scams where people have paid and found nothing after they have landed; cheap hotels are the best options for the initial few days of landing.

Initial Start-up:-There are many community centers, libraries in each area, public transport is very convenient.

Sin Card; you can visit Service Canada centers yourself to make your SIN card. They will require a few of your documents and will provide you with SIN NO. for initial use(to open a bank account). Sin Card normally comes in your post box after a few days. Please note, SIN Card (Social Insurance no.) is the most confidential document in Canada, never share it with anyone, anytime. It will only be used to open a bank account and later at the time of home buying or getting mortgages.

Health Card;Health is free and the right of every resident in Canada. But, initially, for 3 months, youll have to pay for the medical bills and doctors appointments on your own. There are short-term, cheaper medical insurances available, we took one and it was very reliable. We received our cheque for our claim in just 2-3 weeks.

After youve completed 3 months, you will receive the health card. You can visit the Service Canada Center to apply for your health care after you land.

Bank Account and Credit Card:-Creating a bank account is quite easy here, there are several banks to choose from RBC, CIBC, BMO and TD are some of the larger ones. We chose to go with the Bank of Montreal and have stayed with them.

Unlike in our home countries where we prefer to pay cash for every purchase, in Canada, you must apply for a Credit Card as soon as you land. Since you are starting a new journey of life, a credit card will create your credibility in this country. Its like your Bio-Data (history of payment) and you must get one for you and one for your spouse and use it regularly. Initially, they (banks) sometimes block some of your money as a security deposit but will later give you more credits as you create your payment history.

Hope this information will help you in decide and choose the right destination for you!!

Best Regards,

Vandana Bhatt