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Visit to the Limestone City- Kingston

Kingston is the birthplace of the first Canadian Prime Minister, Sir John A. MacDonald. This was our second trip to Kingston after 4 years. The last time we visited here was when I was pregnant with my second child; the town center refreshed my memories. Kingston is on the way to Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec and can be a perfect stop over. This birthplace of Sir MacDonald will be hosting various activities and events on the occasion of 150 years (birth anniversary of Confederation of Canada), next year on July 1, 2017.

You can also bound on the famous 1000 Island cruise from Kingston, this historic town is definitely worth a visit when you are traveling down to East. Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, this ancient city owns the buildings from the 1900s and tells you various tales of Canadas confederation.

Distance:Toronto- Kingston is 238 kms, approximately 3 hours and 30 min if you head to 401 E. There are many On-routes on the way for you to stop and refresh yourselves. On-routes include Gas Stations, food joints and washrooms, everything you need on the road trip, and believes me they are all full in summer.

Parking:There are various museums to visit in Kingston but the marina steals the show. Paid parking is available in front of the harbor which is always full if you cant find it, there are plenty of parking lots available in the area and it can also be found around the streets and is much cheaper.