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Celebrating the culture away from home!!!!

Youre born in a country which is your motherland and then you travel to another continent to work, live and raise your kids. This new place is no less than a home for you. You try and adjust yourself to the surroundings, modify your lifestyle according to the norms but there is something inside you that wants you to explore and keep you mesmerized in memories of those golden days when you were a child. Call it my passion or something, I walked to school in spite of 104 degrees fever, just to celebrate Independence Day in the last year of school and before University. I knew I wont be able to see that again ever in life. My condition didnt allow me to go but my heart did. It's only you who can make things happen, even if the conditions are not favorable.

Love this high-profile selfie with the dignitaries.

Keeping your culture alive amidst modern pressure can be difficult. Everyone Ive seen around is trying to maintain their family traditions despite their race and religion. So why not us??? We have learned to celebrate Halloween, we decorate our houses for Christmas more than we do for Diwali, we love our roasted turkey for Thanksgiving, we love all of these but why should we stop celebrating the festivals, we have been celebrating since we were born.

We are so fortunate to have been living in Canada which allows us to live with freedom, freedom to speak our languages, freedom to visit our places of worship, and freedom to celebrate our festivals, everyone is respected here. Many groups celebrate different festivals here, some of us at Indo-Canadian Club celebrated Indias 70 birthday in Canada.

A fun-filled evening with Indian delicacies along with a few cultural programs by kids graced the event. Some local dignitaries attended the event to experience our culture and to taste the Indians dishes we had. It was such a delightful evening, an initiative to bring the community together. Children worked hard to learn those native lines of the National Anthem and songs.I was amazed to hear my little one sing Vande Mataram-Indian National Song(the song they danced on) all the time even after the event was over. Few kids made posters of the Heroes of Independence. In total, it was a fabulous get-together.

There is no harm in keeping in pace with time and society, we are all moving with it but it is precious to keep the culture and traditions alive seven seas across and passing a little essence in the next generations.