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Visit to Sucreriede la Montagneis in Montreal

Canada is admired for its alluring panorama, countryside, crystal clear lakes, mineral water, and maple trees. Talking about Maple trees, what else comes to your mind?? Something sweet, something delicious, sugary, yes Im talking about Maple Syrup. Canada produces tons of Maple Syrup during the winter season every year. On the third day of our trip, Holiday Inn, hotels advised us to stop over at this Sugar Shack, they insisted that we should visit there and we would love this place and to our surprise, it was truly amazing, glad we did it.

Sucreriede la Montagne is a place you cannot miss while traveling to Montreal, only an hour away. While there are plenty of sugar shacks available around Montreal, Sucreriede la Montagne stands alone to attract repeated visitors throughout the year. It's not only popular for Sugar Shack but for its warm hospitality and events. Open for visitors all year round, this Cabana Sucre organizes different activities for different seasons so that their customers can leave with great cheer and memories of this place only to return back.

Nestled in the woods, Sucreriede la Montagnais owned by Mr. Pierre and his family; they also own 140 acres of land in the area. Sucreriede la Montagne produces 3000 liters in a season. Well, if you don't know it takes 40 saps from a Maple tree to become to make a little of Original Maple Syrup. Seventy-year young gentleman, Mr. Pierre greets his guests with a big smile and kind gesture, there might be hundreds of similar type business but it's only the hospitality which brings the client again and again. Mr. Pierre is one of old French descent who arrived in Quebec in the late 80s and chose this countryside to build a paradise for himself and his guests.

Sucreriede la Montagne is keeping the country's tradition alive for 35 years, from their food to the lodging; you will get a feel of Quebecois culture. They try to showcase the culture of lumberjacks and keep it alive in this 21stcentury. Hidden gem atop the forest, this sugar shack has 3 indoor dining halls that cater to groups and local and international tourists. The bigger hall can take up to 350 guests. Live music and scrumptious food will give you a memory of a lifetime. Female servers dressed in traditional clothing will welcome you with some homemade bread and pea soup. Stefan, Mr. Pierre's son offered us a mocktail mixed out of Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice, and Maple syrup. There are options of Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian meals (red beans, mashed potatoes, and meat pie/veg pie, just to name a few) and lots of Maple syrup to taste. The ambiance, entertainment, and traditional meal are what you are looking forward to when you visit here.

Log Cabins:-

Adventurers and explorers would find it perfect to spend a few nights in Cabanas, made of logs, these cabins again focus on lumberjacks and their living in woods in the past. This Log cabin can accommodate 60 people at one time, enriched with solid log bunked beds; the cabin has no electricity, water, or air conditioner inside. Sucreriede la Montagne receives a lot of international students, travelers in groups who want to explore here in the woods can definitely give it a try. So if you are looking for a great adventure with your group, this could be a good idea.

Lanterns are allowed inside the cabin, there is no washroom inside but available on the short walk in the central area.

Sylvaine, the Marketing Rep. of Sucrerie de la Montagne.


There are 4 cottages as well on site which are equipped with modern and basic necessities, perfect for a family or a group. This place is full of history and old touch.

Maple Syrup Facility:-

You can experience how Maple syrup is produced in this facility during the season. If you couldn't experience it in winter, there is an option of taking a tour of this facility, the guide will brief you about the process and how the maple syrup is made.


There is a big bakery on site that bakes fresh bread every day for the guests. Stefan, Mr. Pierre's son showed the giant oven and how the baker manages to get the dough inside to bake tons of bread on a daily basis.


There is a boutique inside that sells Maple Syrup and other local souvenirs.

The best part is Sucrerie de la Montagnais open all year round. So if you happen to visit here twice or more during the same year. It will certainly give you a different treatment if you visit there in another season than the previous one. Next time, when you are traveling to Montreal, take your time off in Rigaud to visit this outstanding location, you will never repent your decision.