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Risk takers are Achievers-Summer Picnic at Cobourg Beach Ontario

Rainy day at the beach, rain and beach doesnt rhyme together, does it? You look at the Weather forecast and it shows no sign of rain or clouds and when you are all packed up and ready to leave home, it starts pouring. You hope and pray, its temporary but the gray clouds haunt you all the way to your last destination, 200 Kms away. You are dressed up in shorts and carrying sun hats, glasses and sunblock..but whats that? Rain doesnt seem to leave your side all the way to the beach. This could be everyones nightmare. Beach is fun when the sun is bright and clear, everyone can enjoy the sunshine and take advantage of sand and water but rain and wind at the beach is no fun. Well, we survived somehow and enjoyed the beach, walked around the town after the rain stopped. If not for the long time in water but we still took a dip in the lake.

Cobourg is Ontarios feel good town, halfway from Kingston and on the way to Ottawa/ Montreal. Cobourg owns world-class beach and organizes Sandcastle festival every year. Sandcastle festival attracts thousands of people from all over Ontario and as well as International tourists.

Group of sculptors meet in the morning to compete at the Sand Castle Festival. They offer Sculpture lessons as well. Then begins the much awaited competition of the year, artists create the masterpieces out of Sand. You will get amazed to see the variety of sculptures, Pokemon Go to Bedroom set with a table lamp, Elephant head, Cinderella Castle, Sleeping mermaid on the whale, Giant Octopusyou can find them all here on the beach. Sparkling clear water and clean beach adds terrific background to the sculptures, definitely a picture perfect spot. Best Sculpture wins the much deserved award.


Cobourg Beach is 152 Kms from Toronto, 401 E would take you straight to Cobourg Beach.

Take Ontario 401 Express and ON-401 E to Burnham St/Northumberland County Rd 18 in Cobourg. Take exit 472 from ON-401 E1 h 2 min (110 km)

Take exit 472 for Regional Road 18/Burnham Street toward Cobourg/Gores Landing.

There are many On Routes on the way, Restaurants, Gas stations; washrooms are all available on the site. Excellent for midway washroom and coffee/snack break, we stopped at Port-hope On- route for a washroom break.

Victoria Park:-

Victoria Park is located on the beach; it offers trailer camp, park for kids and a splash pad. It has a lot of trees to give you shade on a sunny day and some covered sheds to cater your friends and family. There are Picnic tables with benches, grassland for kids to play soccer. It also has washrooms which are clean and tidy. Plenty of fun activities for kids, my boys found some and enjoyed it. There is no place to barbecue though and you are not allowed to carry your portable ones as well.


If you are not carrying any food with you, there is a beach canteen available inside Victoria Park if you need anything. For other dining experience, there are many restaurants, fine dinning, eateries and pubs in the area in Cobourg.


There are plenty of options to stay in Cobourg, if you plan to spend a night here. Lake front apartments give you the best view and walking distance to the beach.

What was amazing was, there a trailer camp site just right at Victoria Park, next to the beach. It was awesome to see people camping right on the beach with the walk out to the lake shore. The trailers were all decorated with flower baskets, some amazing decoration pieces; we were surprised if there are people who even decorate their trailers. One of our friends who have a little boy had a bet with us; they were old aged people as people with kids can never bother to have such flower decorations. After we came back from our walk, we saw an old aged couple was sitting outside with the glass of wine, enjoying serene view of the beach. We guessed it right; J I would definitely want to book a trailer in Victoria Park in future.

For more details on the hotels/rentals, here is the link,

Dog friendly beach:-

This beach is not a Dog-friendly beach. Dogs can be walked on some parts of Victoria Park adjacent to the beach but dogs are not allowed to step on the sand. We saw many of them walking with their owners but only on the pavements. Alas, you cant let your furry child play in the water; this beach is not for them.

Guards on Duty:-

There are 2 guards available on-site who know their jobs very well. My little one was with the time when we were in water but the elder was far away in the lake. There was a ball which went deeper in the lake and the guard kept whistling, it was someone restricting them to stop right there. He was ready to jump in the water and then realized that was only ball and no one with it. For a moment, I got scared if it was my son with the ball but when I looked on the other side, I found him playing happily with a few friends.


There is plenty of parking available near the beach, though its paid but free after 6pm. There is parking available on the streets nearby as well.

The beach was totally crowded as we arrived there but it started drizzling which left people panicking to leave the place and get into their cars asap. We just took a round and when we came back, we were lucky to find a parking spot just next to Victoria Park. After that, there were so many parking spots available. Rain got people moving out of the beach.

Lighthouse and Harbor:-

There is a Lighthouse and harbor just opposite Victoria Park. After you enjoy sun and sand, dont forget to take a walk around Lighthouse and Dockyard area. You will love it, with plenty of photo-shoot opportunity and a magnificent view of the beach. There was also a vintage car show near lighthouse, gorgeous old-time beauties lined up for people.

Bubbler Fountain at Rotary Waterfront Park:-

A few steps from the Victoria Park, there is Bubbler Fountain. Colourful designed butterfly wing-shaped flags with the bubbler fountain in the center look terrific. Flowers increase the beauty of this place in summer months while in winter it becomes an open skating rink. Bubbler fountain is a must visit when you visit Cobourg Beach.

Victoria Hall:-

Victoria Hall is the historical and architectural masterpiece of Cobourg. It was built in 1850s and has been renovated many times to keep up its charm. It also has a concert hall which caters to bigger events, film festival, musical theaters, concerts and other events. Victoria hall is also centrally located, when you are taking a walk to Bubbler fountain, Victoria Hall is just opposite it, you cannot miss.

We all wanted to return back as the rain was still pouring on the way and since it was a long weekend, there was a big line up of cars, looked like everyone was heading East that day. Whats the point of hitting a beach in rain and dark clouds?? But I am glad, we didnt stop and continued our journey, otherwise we would have missed this fantastic scenic beauty of Cobourg. Arent the risk takers, achievers???

Cobourg beach ON is a beautiful destination to visit during summer months. If you are lucky enough to experience the sand sculptures, it will add-on to your trip. We were very fortunate to experience this beach even after rain warnings, glad it stopped. We could enjoy the water as well as sand and the surrounding area. We would love to visit there again with friends and family.

See you soon again people,

Lots of love,