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A day at Grand Bend Beach

Comes with the blue tag status where you and your family can swim safely, this was the first beach we saw which had a shoreline showcasing windmills, the view is ecstatic. One of the cleanest beaches of Ontario with blue waters and clean sand, Grand Bend Beach is quite a destination. From Yacht Club to water sports that includes, Seadoo , fishing , fly boarding, tubing, water ski, wake boarding, knee boarding, Grand Bend has them all. It is one of the finest beaches to see the sunset and if youre lucky enough to visit here during a public holiday, firecrackers will be an icing on the cake. Grand bend has been a favorite tourist spot for visitors and even returners for many years.

Distance:-Toronto local beaches are not very clean but crowded so the beach lovers in summer explore different beaches around Ontario to get the feel of blue waters and clean white sand. There are many beaches towards North, East and West of Toronto which will not cost you an arms and a leg. From Toronto to Lambton shores is 220kms.

You will have to take Highway 401 W towards London. The cities you will see in the middle are Kitchener, Waterloo and Stratford. Waterloo has many prestigious Universities and is a top destination for upcoming achievers. Stratford is a small town in the middle, I believe most of the people are retired and enjoying their time. The best part of staying in a small community is everyone knows everyone. You can take one small washroom and coffee break somewhere here in Stratford while commuting on your way to Lambton shores.

We visited during Canada day Long weekend so this was the treat for us. It was so exciting for me as it was my first Canada day celebration as a Canadian. I am proud of this country, I am proud to be a Canadian.


There are a few hotels and motels in the area, a few bed n breakfasts. Cottage rentals are also available. If you are planning a night here, I would suggest to book in advance as it gets filled so fast. Most of the people are away on the cottages or vacation in summer, booking in advance will save you some money. Here is the link of Grand bed beach which can lead you to whatever is available in the area,

Dog friendly beach;-

If you a furry friend whom you want to carry along to Grand bend then let me tell you, this beach is not dog friendly. There is a Provincial park nearby where dogs are allowed in the beach but not here. I saw couple of dogs with their owners but they were at the entrance, I think they were not allowed to enter the beach. There are other beaches in Ontario that has dog friendly areas for your whole family along with your four legged child.

Splash Pad, Park and Volleyball nets are available for kids to have fun other than the beach. Washrooms are also centrally located with change rooms. Bathrooms are clean and well maintained.

Guards on Duty;

There are guards on duty, sitting up on the top of ladder; Im surprised about the eagle eye they keep on the swimmers. We were in the water when a guard came running along and swam towards a girl. She somehow seemed losing breath, he ran and held her and later realized she was not sinking. I am not exactly sure but the girl seemed to be perfectly alright and the guard took her mother and the girl along with him for a conversation. Whatever it was but its good they can see so clear and are available if anything goes wrong with anyone.

Observation Deck;

There is an observation deck where you can stand and see the entire enchanting shoreline, you can see the windmills lined up along with the lake-shore, and the view is mesmerizing. I have tried to capture a picture but its not very clear. There are stairs to climb as well as elevator for strollers and wheelchairs. There is a big Rotary stage as well just at the main entrance of the beach where many concerts and stage shows take place all over the summer, visit their website for the schedule.

Sand Quality;

Its fine and clean sand, not white but brown. As you walk to the beach, there are some rocky stones towards water which pricks your feet but as you enter deeper its fine cold sand, quite soothing. Most of the beaches I saw here are the same with small rocks and stones. It was fun to jump in the water along with the high tides.


There is parking available near the shores though it is paid. Free parking is also available in the nearby streets. If you happen to visit here during the long weekend or any weekend, I guess parking is the part which is very stressful, you dont seem to find it anywhere. It took us more than an hour then we decided to drop our luggage at the entrance and then parked far from the beach. There is No Frills nearby where you can park and walk the entire Main Street but its hard if you have a lot of stuff and kids. If there is too much rush, you can drop the belongings at the entrance and then park far, well sometimes it is necessary during crowded season.

If you dont want many hours on the beach and the best part to be here is reaching around 4pm, most of the people are ready to leave and you still have 2-3 hours for kids to play in the water. Our friends found a parking right at the beach but they had to renew their tickets every 2 hours. Here is their website for the parking rates and timings,

Grand Bend somehow gave me the feel of Myrtle Beach in the US. It was worth staying till the dusk to witness the marvelous sun-set. I was sad initially as all the black clouds gathered up to cover the sun and the blue skies but after being patient for a while, the sun shone bright like a big red fiery ball. Sun was kissed goodbyes to us in the West and said hello with the big happy face to the people of the East. If you notice the color of the sun is the same when it rises and when it sets, its just when its rises, it sends its bright rays to kiss the Earth first and then shows up and while setting it observes all the light in him and sets as the same red ball, just loved the sight. I remember telling kids; sun is now going to India and will be back to see us again tomorrow.

I have tried to take the skies with different shades and moods, hope you like the collection. I have totally fallen in love with this beach and would love to be back again next time probably for a night stay clubbed with beach activities and water sports. Grand Bend Beach must visit this summer in Ontario.

So see you all next time, chaos, peace out!!!!