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Do we still need a Zoo around us??

Do we still need a Zoo around us?? Dont we have enough gadgets, technology, animation, Wi-Fi, water parks, theme parks, movies for kids to keep them occupied and entertained?? We have parks, Disneyland, Wonderland, LEGOLAND and all. Now youd say, its very expensive and people cant afford to go there always but they still pay once in 2-3 years to visit them, for Wonderland every year, J then why do we want to pay and go to the Zoo to see animals and entertain our kids?? My point is, animals are better in their habitats, they are caught and paid in heavy amounts to be kept in the Zoo. Bringing them away from their families and keeping them in the Zoo to entertain kids and families, its none other than harassment even though they take good care of them, feed them and all but still youre unable to give them the same environment, their family, friends and the habitation. Dont forget they are kept in cages and even their feeding time is entertainment for people.

Recently, Harambe, 16 year old Gorilla was killed in Cincinati Zoo in the US when a 3 year boy fell into his habitat. Hundreds of people were visiting the zoo and suddenly a small child falls under the fence right in front of Gorillas sight, whos responsible. The zoo officials went on to take an action and killed the Gorilla and saved childs life. A zoo official on the TV mentioned, That was the only option as childs life was in danger. The way Gorilla pulled and dragged the child, was horrifying and the video also showed, Gorilla touching childs butt and the dragged him again, you dont want to see what couldve happened with the child. It was quite scary to see it on TV, imagine people who were right there at the location to witness that. Zoo officials had no choice but to kill the gorilla, they said tranquilizing was quite risky at that moment as they didnt know how he would react and the child was so close to him and in danger, they had to make a decision to kill the Gorrila, whatever happened was very sad.None of them was at fault, not the zoo officials, not the Gorilla and not the child. They had to take a decision based on childs life,

Its time now when PETA officials pass the petition to close the Zoo around the world. . There are trillion of types of entertainment around for kids and families, why would you still want to bring animals from their habitat and close them in cages in the Zoo?? Last year a man fell down in lions cage in India, the poor guy was dead.

Similarly with the Marine Parks,

Baby Beluga in the deep blue sea,

You swim so wild and you swim so free,

Heaven above and the sea below,

And the little while whale on the go.

You mustve heard this popular Nursery song sung by Raffi. Belugas belong to the wild, they belong to the sea. While visiting, Marineland in Niagara Falls last year, we saw many white belugas, jumping and dancing to the tunes and performing tricks on whistles, in return they got treats of plenty of small fish. We also saw some Sea lions, playing with the basketball and waving hands. Dolphins swimming and bouncing along with the professional instructors, the act looked so attractive and made public clapping, cheering and totally entertained. But as an animal lover, Ive had mixed feelings. It was sad to see those large creatures surviving in small surroundings while they belong to the vast.

The last time we saw dolphins was in Gulf of Oman where our boat was followed by 6 dolphins, 3 dolphins each side jumping along with the cruise. Dolphins are believed to be highly social animals. After experiencing their habitat in ocean, seeing them again trapped in a 10 feet pool, it just didnt feel good. While on the other hand Belugas are also social and show a great degree of curiosity towards humans. Youll be amazed to see their intelligence, how they react on the whistles of their instructors. For sure, there must be hard training sessions done on a daily basis before they perform in front of huge audience. They have even been taught to kiss a child during the show. But everything they do, they expect to eat after they end, this is what theyve been taught.

According to my husband, it doesnt matter if they have been fed properly on a daily basis, theyve been given an environment where they can live without diseases; there are people to take care if needed. For me, theyre better off in the wild, they hunt as per their need and are happier in the ocean rather than being in the pool.

There was a time when there used to be circus with a lot of animals, dancing to their masters tunes and they all closed down, due to hard training and harassment on animals. Its high time now, Zoo and Marine Parks should be closed as well. We have already invaded in the forest and turning forests into concrete, spare the animals and let them live where they belong. Instead of a Zoo, I would take my children to Wild life Safari once they grow up. Give it a thought and let me know what do you think??