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How Make-up has become essential for today’s generation?

Gone are those days when you could just come out in your pajamas or jeans with loose hair. You know everyone out is just the same as you. But times have changed, we now have Facebook and Instagram you have to be photo ready always. In old times when you saw any actress in movies with a fabulous body shape, pretty healthy and gorgeous skin. You would think, shes an actress, you cant look like her, you could never imagine. Once you are married, your job is done. But now in this Modern Era when ladies are working shoulder to shoulder with men, the appearance matters a lot. You have to be in good shape, dress up, watch your hair and have the make-up ready so that you look perfect and confident to face the world.

It was different in old times, people ate healthy fresh food, and everything used to be organic. Less stress and more physical endurance for activities were required; there was always a natural glow on face. Nowadays, we have a lot of work stress, tensions, more sitting jobs than physical; we are eating chemicals on the daily basis. They say, your face is the mirror of your body, when stress builds up in your body with the heavy workload you have, your face starts to show it. When a little make-up can enhance the tired facial expression, why not?

Make-up has power to transform your looks; it gives you more confidence as you look yourself in the mirror. You have to go out for meetings, attending conferences, standing at the reception. Your face is the first attraction, people look at. Why only women, these days men are also into Make-up. Make-up is not necessarily applying foundation and lipstick; it includes facials, eyebrow shaping, different hairstyles and even pedicures. One of my friends visited India recently, she visited a Unisex salon and she was shocked to see more men in the parlor than women, getting their facials, hair, pedicure and even manicures done, J You dont like your hair color, change it with another vibrant hair color, dont like that one, change it with another one, thats the advantage.

I remember going to the salons for hair cut only when I was small but never did anything on my face till I was in University. Talking about face, I only did eyebrows and facials just before wedding,These days, youll find little girls 12-13 years or younger, getting the waxing, eyebrows, facial done,In a way its good that mothers are teaching their daughters better ways than us, we were never taught about these things ever as our moms never used anything. I have used blades to shave my legs in school and then got cuts here and there,Nowadays, there are spa parties organized for girls by the parents at the tender age of even 6-7 where they enjoy the company of their friends along with the manicures and applying shiny nail-polishes,We hardly used nail-polishes in that age, thinking its only for mommy,

Cosmetic industry has also been drastically commercialized, there are millions of products and companies in the market.its hard to know which one is good for you and you also have to make sure that youre not using a lot of chemicals. From Shampoos to different kinds of face products, you cannot even name them all. You dont like your nose, get the plastic surgery done, you facial skin is sagging, get the Botox done and look 10 or more year younger.I have heard, if you dont want to go under the knife, there are some make-up techniques that can show your nose sleek and eyes bigger.

In old times, people used herbal products to wash their hair and made face packs with some kitchen groceries. A lot of salons have opened; wherever you go youll find at least 10 in one area, because people use them. You dont have time to sit down and scrub your face at home, full time job, kids, house tasks.its always relaxing to use a professional who can pamper you and do the job for you, meanwhile you get some time for yourself, away from everything and everyone,Its also essential for ladies than men coz their skin sags every time they deliver a child. If you compare a man and a woman of the same age, youll find men look much younger than women. Pregnancy does a lot of changes in womens body and her organs including skin, coz skin is the largest body organ.

My mom had a small pouch to keep cash money, she carried that whenever we went out, and we didnt have mobile phones then,These days big and long hand bags are out, well you need that as phones have become big, theres a wallet that goes in and then off course some make-up items. Initially, I thought they use it for putting kids nappies and all while traveling,but no, ladies keep a lot of essential stuff inside. I also carry face powder and lipstick once in a while when I go out but for some, youll find each and every needed thing for make-up in their bag, from the concealer, to foundation, the brushes, eye shadows and even the perfume,

Well, I would say, Women are all beautiful with or without Make-up.