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How do you know if its a recruitment fraud??

Recruitment frauds are on the rise nowadays! Naive candidates who dream about working overseas, about better earnings, a better career and moreover an exciting life often get trapped. They always seek a chance to look for new adventures overseas. Modern technology and the Internet play an important role and its a huge source of information, knowledge, and opportunities. You can now connect to anyone, anywhere in the world. You dont need a good reference to find a thriving opportunity.

Exploring the web brings you to the world of opportunities and allows you to discover plenty of amazing chances related to your industry, whether its Oil Gas, Mechanical, Hotels, Retail, Airlines, Teaching, Medical or anything else, you can find them all them all on the internet.

The question is; sitting at your home, how do you rectify if its a right opportunity for you and if youre not being cheated. There are a lot of erroneous people around, who are ready to take advantage of your dreams. These people mostly dupe candidates from the developing countries but it could be from anywhere. They create fake ads and allure you by showing a fascinating world.

There are many cases, where candidates have been asked to pay money over emails or phone with an assurance of only admin cost and they will receive ticket and visa for free. Just to hear that people get excited and leave their current jobs. After they pay the admin cost, these people will disappear to never show up again.

Ive been in the recruitment business for over 9 years and have seen different types of clients and candidates. To bring in to reality, one of the candidates working in India as chef contacted me last week, seeking my help and guidance. He mentioned, he was offered a job in America in a Coffee Shop and has been asked to pay 400 USD in the name of some document and after the document is done, he will receive Visa and Air-ticket for free. He also sent me the companys page on the social media. While I was researching about the company, I was shocked to see what I found out.

The company had a fake profile with a few likes on the Social Media page and they had even posted positions along with the names of people selected for different positions. Companies would never post such confidential details on Social media. Selected candidates are supposed to be contacted directly over email or phone call. The address that was given was also fake when I investigated deeper about the location. I was very surprised to see, it was actually a residential address. They had falsely created a name of a company which already exists in the other part of the country and is very famous.

Im glad that we rectified this fraud and saved the person from paying the amount and from all that suffering. The Social media page I had reported, has been removed.

Before you decide to pay any money over the internet/phone for recruitment, please keep these things in mind:-

  1. Always browse the company, their name, website, and location.
  2. Make sure the person who has contacted you, uses the official email address; a genuine and reputable company will always have their company website and companys email id.
  3. Most of such companies use email addresses This is done to mislead professionals who see the company name in the email address and find it is genuine. Always check and make sure that the email provider is using the company name and not generic email addresses like Gmail, ymail or yahoo.
  4. You can also Google about the person who has contacted you to see if he/shes for real.
  5. If they have mentioned their location, do a little research about that as well.

Everyone who works hard deserves a better career but dont fall into the trap of fake world and avoid spams. Do your own research; take guidance from someone before you decide to go ahead. If you liked the story, please feel free to share it with your colleagues.

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Written by:

Vandana Bhatt

Managing Director and Consultant at Hozpitality Group