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Celebrating International Women's Day

As we celebrate International Womens Day today, a special day to celebrate women, for women. Women are not to be celebrated just one day but everyday. Women, you find around as a sister, friend, mother, grand-mother and a daughter. Women, a part of your world and every persons world, are an integral and important part of human life. One cannot imagine their life without having one. Women, who are supposed to be treated as gender equality.

Adam and Eve were born on the same day as humans but Adam(man) turned out to dominant and Eve became submissive. What is the reason behind that? There are some stories of them eating apple and that's how they got intelligence, then how come only man was in the power and not woman.

So, how far have we reached?? We all know how, women were mistreated by the men in the house and by the society in the past. They were not allowed to vote or to come out to school or work. In the male dominating world, they were only supposed to be doing the house work and make family. But now, as people are changing and things have changed a bit. Education has actually played a magnificent role in it. Men in the modern centuries give much deserved respect to the women and why should they not, this is all a woman deserves, respect, love and care. In 21st Century, we can found women in each and every job; there is nothing a woman cant do. A woman can fly a plane, drive a truck, can be an astronaut and anything else. Shes capable of keeping a child in her womb for 9 months and bears all that pain. They say, when God created a woman, He loaded her with all the qualities to run and face life. She was given tears to subtle a heavy heart. A woman is the pillar of every house-hold. She works 24/7 and 365 days a year and even works when shes sick. This is the power of womanhood. A woman is responsible for well-being of their family, shes responsible for feeding her kids and family, she is responsible for their laundry, cleaning, kids home-work and their grades. Shes responsible for making a better world for her children and for the family. Shes always appeared as a multi-tasked human who can manage various things at the same time, her mind is not allowed to forget even a single task and if she did forget, the entire world around will seem to be turned upside down. No matter, how the world has changed. If they are a home maker or a bread-winner, her responsibilities are as it is. After a tiring day at work or an adventure, shes the one cooking the meals. Whether shes the GM of a company or a teacher, you can always find women in the kitchen. Shes the one who will find the nook and corners of the house dirty. It was also in the news sometimes back, husband in Italy sued her wife for not cooking proper meals and keeping the house untidy. Men proudly shared it on social media and it went viral. After all, its womens job isnt it? We need at least one daughter is every family, its sad that people still consider having boys over girls. Girl embryo is killed in the uterus even before they are born. According to the research, for every 100 girls, 107 boys are born. We need to understand, girls are no less than boys these days. Women like Mother Teresa, Malala, Sunita Williams, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton are some of the role models everyone would like to dream of. A woman loves her family effortless and her world revolves around her loved ones. The only thing she demands is, Respect from her children, her family and from the society. Lets empower women and make a better world for them and for everyone. While we talk about women, we cannot forget our men. Man and woman are two inevitable parts of the society. Each one of us is worth, the best in life and with all the love and care. You are because of us and we are because of you!!!