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Dark Christmas for some Canadian Families!

On December 22, 2013, just 2 days after my little one's 1st B'day, there was a major Ice Storm that hit Toronto. The storm started building up from the evening of December, 20 and after 3 days n on December 22, I'd seen a power outage for more than 10 hours for the first time in Canada. We were all sleeping and around 2 am it started feeling cold, we noticed the heater suddenly went off. The temperature was in the negatives, so it took just an hour or two to cool down the entire house. Luckily, it was midnight so we stayed in the bed till the morning, we also brought our puppy up with us upstairs and put him in his sweaters n blanket, it had started freezing inside.

We wake up and crave for coffee/ tea every day and that morning, when the roads were all icy and too dangerous to drive, we couldn't dare to even step outside to get into the car? And thanks to the 21st century, everything is electronics, we were worried about making breakfast for kids?? The backyard barbecue came to the rescue where we made our tea and warmed milk for cereal. It was taking so long to even start warming up due to the blowing wind. Luckily, the barbecue was operated by propane, and the flame did wonders to deliver us a hot cup of tea in the frigid cold.

We called up our friends if they had power in that area, it was shocking to know that some areas were not affected and they invited us to stay with them until the power was over. We had so many things in our minds. We thought of staying in a hotel in case it takes longer than expected but we had a small puppy and we had to think about relocating him too. Social Media also started flashing with talks about the Ice-storm, people mentioned the malls had power. The heating was more important at that point. Since it was already more than 10 hours, we decided to get in the car and drive in the mall to warm up but thank God the power was back before we even left the house. We're fortunate it didn't take that long or else we would've been really terrible.

There were many houses in Toronto that didn't have power for a week and those individuals needed to utilize public venues to warm them up and clean up. Some looked into the lodgings. Disregard power, there was no water accessible to them. How is it possible that one would utilize their washrooms?? The electric wires and shafts were seriously affected by the storm. The maintenance crew worked day and night to fix however it took such a long time as a result of the cold and windchill. Those individuals even spent their Christmas in obscurity for the year 2013!!!

It was one Christmas, which was never longed for or wanted by anyone!!! Sharing a few pictures after the Ice-Storm was finished. It looked so delightful,:) It resembled, God was playing with His brush and colors and with some ice to portray such great Iced cut leaves and branches to brighten those dry n dead trees, :)