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This Christmas ask for Peace and Humanity

This Christmas, ask for Peace and Humanity. Christmas is the best season of the year. Santa Claus, is mostly awaited by Kids but I'm a huge fan of Santa as well. Every year, I write a letter to Santa, thanking him about entire years happiness; I'd received through his blessings and mention, what I would like to have for Christmas and for the New Year. I will ask him, if he can cease the pain of those who are suffering from cancer and other deleterious diseases. I will ask him if he could empower them to fight it and lead a happy life again. This year, I will ask him for Peace and Humanity for the entire world. When all the negativity and suffering is going around in the world and when people are dying of hunger, terrorism and fight. I will ask him if he can bring Peace for all of us. I will ask him if he can bring humanity in everyone yet again.

In this twentieth century when people are becoming selfish day by day, I will ask him if he can reward everybody with altruism. Children are dying due to hunger, tiny innocent kids are raped, robbery, murders make headlines everyday in the newspaper, and this is not just the case of one particular country but everywhere around the world. Girl child is being killed, even when they are not nurtured enough in mothers womb. People hesitate to trust any stranger; theyre terrified if they will be harmed. Doors are permanently locked and only open for friends and family, for the rest door alarms are fixed. What other choice do they have?? With this kind of environment, these things have become a necessity of people.

Kids are super-excited and made a wish list for Santa Claus, while they ask for toys, video games, chocolates and clothes. Please come; join me in asking him to bring contentment for our families and societies, where people care for each other. If someone is in pain, the other must try his best to make the other smile. If a person needs food, someone else must be ready to share his plate. At least no one dies due to hunger and thirst. I will ask him, if he could grant wisdom to those who stratagem horrific acts, to those who believe in massacres, beheading and all the acts against humanity. I will ask him, if there could be no other war ever on this planet. I will ask him, if no child will ever become orphan due to such fights. This Christmas, lets ask Santa to help us make it a better planet for everyone to live. Lets ask him, if he could reward us with the gift of Kindness and the spirit of giving. Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!