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Milton-A Community That Gives

Milton is the fastest growing cities in Canada, just 35 Kms from Pearson International Airport and 100 Kms from the border of United States. Town of Milton holds mostly young Canadians, where 70% population is in their 30s. It is such amicable, co-operative and tremendous community that resides here. Everything you require is available within 10 Kms, how excellent, isnt it?? Be it the grocery stores, dance, music and sports classes or salons, you can easily find them around in the neighborhood.

I want to tell you why this town is so exceptional. We came to Toronto 5 years back and moved to Milton 3 and half years back. Canadians are all, anyways so accommodating and kind but this community is phenomenal. Imagine, youre standing in Tim Hortons queue waiting to get your favorite coffee and donuts for kids and the person ahead of you, pays your bill. You go to buy your grocery and somebody else pays for your grocery. So far, I havent come across anything like this anywhere else. Maybe he/she got a pay raise and wants to pay forward or got any good news which they want to share with others. This is just a random act of kindness. You must have heard, The more you give-the more you receive!! Give more to receive more. Town of Milton truly believes in it, there are multiple charity organizations that work for the people in need. People of this town believe in sharing and kindness doesnt cost anything, because everyone believes in spirit of sharing. Im amazed that people here actually think about donating even before getting it in hand. Its rooted in everyone and even in the kids. Its the best way to pass generosity in the next generation. Kindness is contagious here.

My mom says, While giving with one hand, the other hand shouldnt know, charity should be done that secretly. The true meaning of giving is when you give it to someone in need who you dont know and you dont expect anything in return. This community supports a lot of local food banks as well as International. Whenever there is something, the entire community stands up and raises their hands out to help, this is remarkable. People dont only give their money to help but also volunteer their hours to support the community. What could be better example of giving Canadians, than the Prime Minster himself, Mr. Justin Trudeau!!! His precedent act of allowing thousands of refugees on Canadian soil at the time of crisis is commendable. He has proved that humanity is still alive in Canadians and they will continue to help the deprived. With great pride, Town of Milton will also be welcoming 10 refugee families soon. Milton has also given some extra ordinary individuals out of this selfless community, scientists like Chris Hadfield and Olympians like Travis Gerrits. In 2015, Milton made its place in Top 10 places to raise kids in the world. We hope to have more scientists, artists and sports personnel from Milton who will make Canada proud. I'm so proud of this community and happy to be a part of it.

Hope to nurture my kids in this positive and loving atmosphere.

God Bless Milton!!! God Bless Canada!!