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Hotel Review of Hatta Fort Hotel

Serenity and tranquility cannot be explained in just a few words, from the highest peak in the UAE at the border of Oman (RAK border), just last weekend; we explored heart of the mountains on the other side of Oman border ( Hatta Border) today on the 44th National UAE day. As I mentioned in my last post, UAE is not only popular for its Sky scrapers but also a heaven for picture perfect backdrops, Rocky Mountains, and sun-kissed, Sand dunes, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious beauty that add so much value to the country. Mountains, whether they are full of greenery or nude, they still allure you with their existence. If youve been reading my posts regularly, you must have now understood that Im a nature lover and adore every part of it and what it has to offer. What I noticed in Ras Al Khaimah, the mountains were brown with hard rocks and here in Hatta, they were almost black (made of black soil, I assume). The mountain chain looked like a layers and layers of necklaces piled up to create a magnificent scenery. The drive was wonderful from Dubai to Hatta included sand dunes and mountains.

Distance; The distance from Dubai- Hatta Fort Hotel is 136 Kms. You will see two different routes on the map, the one marked in red which is E-44 road and the second one is marked in green is E-102 route. If you decide to take the red route (Dubai-Hatta-Oman E-44 road) its vital for all guests to carry either original passport with a valid visa or Emirates ID as there are a couple of check points on the way to Hatta as you pass through the Oman territory for UAE residents Emirates national ID or a Labour card will do. Whereas other route (Sharjah-Kalba-Hatta road) though a bit longer (approx. 20-25 minutes extra drive) there are no check points. Due to recent visa restrictions, only GCC nationals are able to cross the Dubai/Oman border checkpoints on the Dubai Hatta Road until further notice. Though Sharjah-Kalba-Hatta road is a bit longer but youll be welcomed by glamorous sand dunes and splended Hajjar Mountains, the drive is extremely gorgeous, making its way amidst mountain terrain and blue skies. There are street lights on the entire route so driving at night is not a problem.

Hotel Choice; Hatta Fort Hotel Were greeted with a chilled cocktail juice upon arrival. The staffs were gentle, kind and very helpful. Hatta Fort hotel provides a range of activities to its guests, Petting zoo, Mini Golf, Archery, Air gun shooting, Camel Ride, Pool Access, Kids Park and Spa to relax and unwind.


Restaurants; There are 2 restaurants in the hotel that serve breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. This hotel is stretched in 80 acres of land, a perfect get-away in the relaxing environment from the hustle and bustle of busy city life. If you can get-up early, the sun rise from Hotels Top peak, the Sun coming over the mountains will definitely be a retreat and eye-pleasing and vice versa for the sunset.

There are peacocks on the site and if youre lucky enough, you can see their whole family walking towards the hotel reception, certainly ecstatic, something youve never seen before. The hotel also can hold day and night parties for up to 300 people. Mr. Nicholas Campos deserves a special mention; he's doing a great job maintaining the hotel property very well and for greeting the hotel guests so generously.


Things to do in Hatta; All the attractions were just 5-10 minutes drive from Hatta Fort Hotel.

Hatta Heritage Village; Entrance is free for visitors along with the free parking. The village showcases how ancient UAE people have lived, their lifestyle, bedrooms, and store rooms and a place where they used to socialize etc. Nice place to gather some knowledge about UAEs history.

Hatta Mineral Water Factory; Children may take more interest in understanding how Mineral water is made.

Hatta Dam; Natures creation, a beautiful spot in the midst of rugged Hajjar Mountains, this place stands out. Beautiful bottle green waters surrounded by layers of triangular mountains to construct a sumptuous landscape. You will never regret visiting this place.

There is some parking spaces available, if youre visiting it on a Public holiday or a busy weekend, make sure to park your car somewhere down on the road. It was crazy how people were rushing to get to the top, very dangerous. No one actually waits for you if you want to reverse or take a U-turn. Better safe than sorry. This place is not commercialized; remember to carry your own stuff, water etc. for kids.

Our Dubai trip comes to an end, its our last day here as we head back to Canada tomorrow, Hatta trip was a memorable trip and full of fun. I will be back again with more travel stories and new destinations.

Till then, chaos from ExplorewithVandanaRajBhatt from Dubai.

Lots of love, Vandana