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Nomads at Jabal Al Jais Mountains

United Arab Emirates is famous for their man-made architecture but also has legions of charismatic desserts and landscapes, which cannot be explained in a few words. The red sands, brown and nude mountains, blue oceans and gulf are one of a kind. Never knew there is a place in the UAE which is more like a hill station, is just 103 Kms away from Dubai. Jabal Al Jais is such gem of a place. We've been to Jabal Hafeet in Al Ain multiple times but had never heard of this serene landscape is hiding just at the border of UAE and Oman,where you can see gorgeous clouds hugging the mountains. This place is not developed yet but Ras Al Khaimah Government has several plans to create it into a big tourists destination in upcoming years. We came to know about it from Ramada Hotel and Suites in Ras Al Khaimah. Jabal Jais is also unique destination to watch sunset in the UAE. It takes you a while to reach the top as the road has a lot of curves and turns. The drive is full of raw man-made and natural beauty. It has not been commercialized as yet but soon it shall be, very few cars were there, seems like not many people know about the area.Some adventures campers were there at the top.

Best time to visit; October- March will be the best time to visit here if you want that hill station kind of feeling. There are no street lights on the whole way so if you plan to drive, day time will be the best. There is only one kiosk at the top that serves tea/coffee and snacks. Public washrooms are also available on the site.

Best Attraction; Sunset from here is be so amazing as per the hotel but we missed it this time. Jabal Al Jais is the tallest mountain in the United Arab Emirates at about 1,910 meters, with its highest point about 350 meters east of the border between Oman and United Arab Emirates and at an altitude of 1,925 meters (6,315feet). Temperatures as low as -3 degrees Celsius have been measured at the top of the mountain in winter,with plans in place to build a hotel, cable car, paragliding launch ramp, golf course and ski slope following the opening of a road scaling the mountain from Ras Al Khaimah. We enjoyed our drive to Jabal Al Jais and back and will definitely recommend this place to all the nature explorers and adventures. Although there is not much for families and kids to do but you will not want to miss the magnificent mountain terrain.